Do not let India be known as the Rape capital of the world…

India - Rape capital of World ?
India - Rape capital of World ?

India - Rape capital of World ?

Sometimes I feel that God has also done injustice to women by making her physically weaker than her male counterpart. If he had given 10 times more physical strength to her then the problem of rape would have never existed. But alas this cannot happen, so we have to fight against the problem of rape and such people.

It was never out of news but the recent rape of six years old child in her own school, by her own teachers in Bangalore has made us to think again. WHY? Educational institutes are regarded as temples and meant for education. The teachers are regarded as God in Indian culture who shape the children and make them responsible citizens. But what if instead of teachers, sick mentalities take their place at school? Parents unknowingly leave their children in the hands of such blatant teachers.

When and why rape became part of our culture cannot be said with surety. But it is perceived that rape became part of the Indian criminal culture during the partition when men of a particular religion raped women of other religion to take revenge. The estimated number of rape during the turbulent time was 100,000. This enhanced the feeling of superiority and suppression of women. But nobody thought that she is a human being not a thing to take revenge.

The rape and mass rape were also common during Kashmir conflict. In the Kunan Poshpura incident in 1991, soldiers of the Rajputana Rifles raped up to 100 women aged between 13 to 75. Many a times law protectors are law breakers letting the citizens to indulge in all kinds of bad behavior. Some terrorist groups were also doing rapes within the areas like the HuJI and the Hizbul Muhajideen. Such incidents have surely helped in spreading the disease of rape all across India.

We have also created a faulty and an imperfect system. This led to an increase in the severity of rape problem in India. Rapists roam freely and fearlessly. There should be strict anti rape laws and a minimum punishment not a mockery of that. By considering physical and psychological trauma a female undergoes after such incident, death penalty seems to be the only solution. But law and emotions are not connected.

Indian Law most of the time think of rehabilitating the rapist rather than giving them harsh punishment like life imprisonment or death sentence. If not death penalty for every case then at least life time imprisonment should be made mandatory for these offenders. They must have a fear of punishment otherwise number of rapes will keep on increasing in India.

Rape problem is very severe in India and requires a tough limit. But we are not clear of the real cause of rape in India because it is happening with the female of every age. So poverty, revealing clothes, lack of education etc has nothing to do with this. Apart from all the debates and discussion, rape is an INEXCUSABLE ACT.


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