Time to introspect

It seems that Indian politics has now become a job not a duty towards nation. Politics before independence and post independence is remarkably different. Anyone joining politics before independence was considered as a patriot but not now. People are afraid of joining politics and parents are reluctant to send their kids in this field as they believe it being ruled by the ills of the society.

With time some of the law makers in India have become law breakers.

It is common to see people with grave criminal charges contesting elections. People fighting election can even fight it from jail if not yet convicted. Political leaders with criminal records are more likely to win because they have illegal funds to buy votes. Can the mentality of such a person be progressive? India is the largest democracy in the world and what examples are we setting can be understood. Such political leaders contest just to come into power and earn money.

Also scenario inside the Parliament is not concealed anymore. Honorable MPs fight over any issue, throw mikes, shout slogans, bang hard on their desks and do all sorts of things which our representatives should not do. The disreputable behavior has touched new heights when an MP used capsicum pepper spray in the Parliament over the Bill. Someone must tell him that Pepper Spray is used when you are entangled in an absolutely strange situation not in the Parliament.

Politics from cooperation and progress has shifted to a blame game. Ruling party put allegations on the opposition and the opposition on the ruling party. But one thing is really commendable that after creating so much mayhem MPs take just few minutes to settle down.

But why these esteemed people show such a low value and for this matter Parliament is not considered valuable by the common man. Is media is also playing some sort of role in showing the chaos rather than fruitful discussion. But whatsoever may be the reason problem is there.

This indeed is a complex issue and it is a ripe time to introspect. It is the time to go through all the wrongs that we are doing in politics. There is nothing to justify the wrong doings in the Parliament. Ethics and rules of the Parliament must be followed and there shouldn’t be any comprise on this issue. Law makers must work within the limits of law.

By not following certain guidelines days are not far when these MPs will even justify the more heinous crimes in the Parliament and escape by saying that they were fighting for a common man.