Uncertainty Looms Over Lotus in Jharkhand Elections; Here’s Why

Uncertainty Looms Over Lotus in Jharkhand Elections
The anxious BJP is trying not to let Jharkhand slip away from its hands.
Uncertainty Looms Over Lotus in Jharkhand Elections
The anxious BJP is trying not to let Jharkhand slip away from its hands.

The upcoming five-phase Jharkhand polls beginning from November 30 is a stiff challenge for the leading parties to prove their strength. The strength that the opposition gained from the polls in Maharashtra and Haryana can turn topsy turvy as BJP looks to revive itself in the upcoming five-phase polls. However, uncertainty looms in politics just as in cricket. It has come to the ruling party to prove to the rest of the country that its ship is not sinking, rather floating.

Break of alliance

BJP is getting into troubled water over the seat-sharing agreement with its NDA ally in Jharkhand AJSU. The agreement could not take place despite several rounds of talks at all levels. With the break of the alliance, the two old friends have turned foes and will compete against each other in the upcoming elections. According to speculation, such a crisis has developed as AJSU may have demanded more share in the government formation. This is certainly not a smooth phase for BJP to sail through, it had to swallow a bitter pill in Maharashtra when Shiv Sena took a ‘U’ turn after the assembly results in the state.

AJSU looks formidable

Post breaking alliance with BJP, AJSU has decided to contest elections alone. It has so far announced the names of its 31 candidates. There are 81 seats in the Jharkhand state assembly and AJSU appears to have achieved a formidable status. That is why many politicians have turned their coats and moved towards AJSU. Former BJP MLA from Jamtara switched to AJSU, along with this, Ashraf Khan and Varsha Gadi also showed confidence in AJSU and have left Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). Can AJSU play the role of kingmaker in Jharkhand?

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BJP announces candidates’ list

The top brass of the party has announced the list of eight more candidates for the state assembly polls on Wednesday. The party will field Devendra Singh in the Jamshedpur West constituency against rebel party leader and minister in the present government, Saryu Roy. With this announcement, the saffron party has fulfilled its announced of candidates’ names for almost all the 81 state assembly seats. Since 2018, the ruling party in the Centre has failed to form its government in four states of India.

PM likely to address rallies

As the election date in Jharkhand is closing in, star campaigners of BJP are gearing up to address rallies in the state. The ruling party has planned the rallies where its top leaders will be speaking to woo the voters. Some of BJP’s gladiators such as Union home minister Amit Shah and working president JP Nadda will address rallies at different locations. Union minister Nitin Gadkari has also been assigned to address rallies. State unit of the BJP is sorting out the date for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s schedule. Modi has a unique oratory skill, which can change the complexion of the election. He is likely to address public meetings in Medininagar and Gumla on November 25, which may be the turning point for the ruling party.

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader Hemant Soren, the chief ministerial candidate of the opposition, is upbeat before the forthcoming state assembly polls. He claimed that many BJP MPs and MLAs are in touch with him and looking to change the gear. The troika of JMM, Congress and Janta Dal is aiming to topple the present government, seeking the support of voters by hitting the hammer on the weak points of Raghuber Das’s government. Can BJP get in power in this state? We have to wait for this answer until December 23.

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