Was Dharna by Aam Aadmi Party Chief and CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal right?

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his supporters’ sit-in against the Home Ministry raised many questions. Most of the questions point out whether CM should do such an act and if this is the only possible way to streamline our tangled system. Kiran Bedi, a retired Indian Police Service officer and now a social activist reacted to this and said that as Mr Kejriwal has opted politics to clean the system so he must stick to the norms of it by leaving his previous ways. Both BJP and Congress had criticized this act of Kejriwal and said that he is spreading “anarchy” in Delhi. Kejriwal’s protest was also criticized by the former Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde, who called this protest unlawful. He also said that it would set wrong example. Some even think that Kejriwal is playing a game with his own rules. It is believed that by doing so he wants to win the Lok Sabha elections. But he protested against something wrong not for political gain. He is a brand new CM and belongs to just a year old political party, so obviously anything done by him will catch public eye immediately.

People are calling him anarchist and politically immature for doing this. Such sit-ins by him are sending out a message to the general public that if something is wrong then demonstrate. Kejriwal must follow the path of administration rather than street as it looks inappropriate. He is now working as a Chief Minister not a social activist. This way he might do public harm than good. But it was Delhiites who required a change so elected him (if not all then most of them). He is trying to bring that change and probably we are not familiar to this.

Kejriwal slept on the road just next to his car. Home Ministry asked him to relocate to Jantar Mantar but he refused to take this stating that Mr Shinde cannot ask me where to sit in protest in Delhi. People have elected him as the Chief Minister of Delhi not Mr Shinde. I think such comments are very bold and blunt for any CM. Though there is no need to wear fake mask for the public but such comments must be avoided. There should be mutual respect and consent.

Media was also wrong on his part. Main problem was something else and media was focusing on something else. Was the trouble of residents who made complaints covered exclusively by the media?

People have been complaining for a long time against illegal practices and growing problem of human trafficking by African nationals in a residential area but police did nothing to solve the problem. So instead of blaming Kejriwal for dharna police must act on the complaints and work for the welfare of public

But at the same time this must be understood by the political parties that agitation and administration are two different things. Administrative matters must be handled the ways these should be. Decisions must be taken after weighing all the possible merits and demerits of an act. On the other hand if such sit-ins would increase the accountability then there is nothing wrong in doing so.

It is imperative that to follow the administrative path before such sit-ins. It is a brand new game of politics and a sort of revolution in Delhi and so people are bit confused whether he is doing right or wrong.

Present need is to have an effective system in which law and order are given topmost priority. That Chalta Hai attitude must be changed and if sit-in can change that then it should be done. But I think to bring change almost all the top officials governing different department must have one opinion.

The Aam Aadmi Party is trying their level best to bring transparency and accessibility in governance. Someone has to bring change and perhaps Kejriwal is the one who is brining that change. He is trying to bring accountability and law and order in the state. So it is obvious that some would agree and some would not. Moreover such acts show empty spaces in the governance. He at least is bold enough to show the real picture to public. We are just worried about the short term impact of this agitation but not seeing the possible long term gain when everything will be in its place and democratic value of Indian Governance will increase.