Top 5 Platforms to Read Books for Free

Sometimes when you don’t want to carry a hardback in your backpack or under your arm, you should consider investing in some e-books which are not expensive. You can obtain an excellent book without paying any money. The internet is brimming with free e-book platforms, allowing you to download new books and old stuff from the convenience of your smartphone, computer, or any other eReader of your choice.

If you have a Kindle, there are a variety of additional platforms where you may get free e-books designed particularly for your gadget. Having everything in place, you may even be able to share them with family and friends from your Kindle. You can even read complete novels online, totally free, on your device’s web browser. 

List of Best Platforms to Read Books for Free:

  • Google Books

Google Books is the most comprehensive collection of free books available online. If you choose a decent book, you could find some of the most acceptable book quotations to motivate you. Searching for a book is similar to putting a question into Google, but sadly, not all books on Google Books are free. After you’ve found your book, go over to “Search tools” and switch “Any books” to “Free Google books” to ensure you’re browsing at free stuff.

  • Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the eldest of all e-book platforms. It all started in 1971 when Michael S. Hart developed the world’s first e-book. Many venues that provide free public domain e-books make use of the titles published and uploaded to Project Gutenberg. There are currently approximately 70,000 public domain books in the database. So if you’re searching for great classic literature, Project Gutenberg is the place to go.

  • Open Library

More than a million free e-books are available through the Open Library. This library catalogue is an open web initiative of the Internet Archive that allows people to add books, allowing for a fascinating variety of authors ranging from Ronald Dahl to John Grisham. In addition, you may search for books by title, publisher, or category.

  • Smashwords

Smashwords is a popular online platform that sells e-books written by independent authors and writers. There are presently over 6,00,000 with over 2,00,000 self-published writers contributing. Lots of books are free to download and available to read online. The overall amount varies, but approximately 1,00,000 books are often free of cost to read.

Smashwords publishers can choose the duration of a free trial. Many publishers choose to allow people to read the whole book online. Go to Smashwords’ inventory of free e-books to check which books are free to read.

  • The Library of Congress

If you’re searching for great books online, go no further than the Library of Congress. With over 60 great books available on an easy-to-use design, this is the ideal platform if you’re seeking an absolute masterpiece to read. In addition, some of the most exemplary children’s novels ever written, such as Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, are included in this platform.