Chynna Gold – A Bargain

Let us begin with what works for me, they have a Chinese Chef, yes and  moreover he is a Chinese Chef from China and not a third/ fourth generation Chinese  from Kolkata. Chynna Gold, the Chinese specialty restaurant at Hilton Janakpuri, New Delhi had it real tough getting its act together. It had an inauspicious beginning with its main entry being closed because of unspecified reasons. It has a “compromise” entry from an extremely narrow passage from the side of Italian restaurant. All that is past, it is one of those places which I love going to. Here we go:

Date: January 11, 2013

Time: 7:45 pm to 10:00 pm (Restaurant timings 11:00 AM to 2:30 & 7:00 PM to 10:30)

City: New Delhi

Address: 1st Floor Hotel Hilton, Janakpuri New Delhi

Country: India

Restaurant: Chynna Gold – The Chinese Specialty Restaurant

Location: Behind Janakpuri West Metro Station

Format –Fine dining (Conventional).

The big deal is they have a set menu option. For Rs 599/- plus taxes you get to have unlimited food from their day’s menu. In the set menu they have:

  • One veg and one non-veg soup
  • One veg and one non-veg starter/appetizer
  • Two veg and two non-veg main course dishes
  • One rice offering
  • One noodle offering
  • Dessert
  • Jasmine tea

Over all the package makes sense.

What we ordered on the table  were dishes from their A-la-carte (menu).

Starters/ Appetizers

  • Cottage Cheese “Shui Jiao” – These boiled cottage cheese dumplings were good, the sauce was spicy and added the right kind of flavor. Good 7/10
  • Chilli Sichuan Pepper Prawns – We had to tell him to tone down the spice and prepare them mild, I am sure spicy wouldn’t have been enjoyed, mild was good enough for us. Quality of prawns was really good and preparation was great. Great 8/10
  • Hot and Sour Fish – It was a typical Chinese style Hot and sour fish with skin removed. Not those exotic kinds with eyes of fish popping out but the ones which are dressed and drowned in the sauce. OK 6/7
  • Salt and Pepper Corns – The taste of their Salt and peppers was enhanced, most likely it was because of onion powder added while frying them. Great 8/10
  • Shanghai Spring Rolls – Yes, they were crunchy! I would have proffered them little more golden than brown, but they were loved on the table. Awesome 9/10
  • Beijing Roast Duck – No, it was not full duck on the table with limbs and neck visible. it was a plated dish with slices done of the duck. I don’t think it was a full duck. Good 7/10


  • Lemon Coriander – It was a clear soup with coriander leaves floating around. The lemon flavor was just right and it was served hot enough for this Delhi winter. Perfect 10/10
  • Tomato Seafood Eggdrop Soup – No, it was not a tomato soup with seafood added. it was a seafood soup with tomato wedges (if I may say so). Great 8/10

Main Course

  • Steamed Fish with Black Pepper Sauce – Yes, we opted for black pepper sauce and not black bean sauce. Black pepper sauce is prepared with a combination oyster sauce, black pepper, white pepper, soy sauce and rice wine. I enjoyed it. I would have preferred black sea bass as a fish though. Good 7/10
  • Stirfried Lamb in Soy Sauce – Hmm… Would have loved it with a bit of honey added. OK 6/10
  • Gong Bao Chicken – This Sichuan style dish was perfect, had to call for a second helping. Perfect 10/10
  • Stir Fried Chinese Greens – Bok Choy was the only Chinese vegetable, I find it tough to call Asparagus and Broccoli as Chinese vegetables. It was liked on the table. Good 7/10
  • Braised Cottage Cheese – Braising was perfect, quality of cottage cheese could have been better. I am sure they used Soy Sauce while braising. Good 7/10
  • Fried Rice with XO Sauce – Those who love seafood and  love XO sauce. Awesome 9/10
  • Veg Pan Fried Noodles – They were crunchy and soft at the same time. Of course Pan Fried Noodles have nothing authentic Chinese about it. Great 8/10


  • Chinese Kulfi – Kulfi with sesame  seeds, and fried jaggery noodles on the side. Great 8/10
  • Chocolate Mud Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream. Standard 7/10

Random observations:

Water: House water is fine, buying would get you Bisleri regular.

Ambiance: You can either like it or dislike it.

Interior: Formal, cosmopolitan.

Tables: Table placements require a change.

Climate control: Hello! What is climate control? It was too cold.

Acoustics:  Acceptable.

Staff Attitude: Caring and personal attention to all regulars.

Service: Courteous but inconsistent.

Rates: For a table of four, above kind of selection can cost you around 1,200 per person.

Why Go: They have a set menu which is a bargain, you may like it. Food is good, nothing is poorly turned out.

Why Think Twice: Probably because climate control failure could be a reason.