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Laal Kaptaan: Chapter Two – The Chase Trailer Review

If the first chapter of Saif Ali Khan’s next ‘Laal Kaptaan’ trailer kept you on the edge of your seat, here comes chapter two to give you a fright.

The first chapter was surreal. It was full of phantasmagorical elements, such as long deadlocks, brutal images and metaphorical dialogues. But in the second, you will see the man in action. The vengeful naga is given a task by Sonakshi Sinha who appears in veil and a woman in command, who gives him hint of a man hiding in Munergarh fort.

Another man, who is actually outshining Khan in the second chapter trailer is Deepak Dobriyal. Dobriyal appears to be a tracker who has the ability to sniff and to reach his prey. To bail him out, he is provided with assistance of two hounds.

Zoya Hussain also appears in the second chapter who is playing a widow, riding on a horseback next to Khan.

Directed by Navdeep Singh, produced by Sunil Lulla and Anand L Rai, ‘Laal Kaptaan’ will be in theatres on October 18, 2019.

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Laal Kaptaan: Chapter Two - The Chase Trailer Review
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Laal Kaptaan: Chapter Two - The Chase Trailer Review
Laal Kaptaan Second Trailer Review: Laal Kaptaan is an upcoming action drama Bollywood movie which is directed by Navdeep Singh. Here, we bring you the review of the second trailer of the movie.