Movie Review: ‘Between Two Ferns – The Movie’

Poster of the movie Between Two Ferns
Between Two Ferns - The Movie
Poster of the movie Between Two Ferns
Between Two Ferns – The Movie

Movie Review: ‘Between Two Ferns – The Movie’

Between Two Ferns – The movie has been released on Netflix on September 20, 2019. The movie acts as a spinoff of the web series named Between Two Ferns. It stars Zach Galifianakis, same as the web series.

Directed By – Scott Aukerman

Produced By – Scott Aukerman, Zach Galifianakis

Star Cast – Zach Galifianakis, Will Farrell, Matthew McConaughey, Lauren Lapkus, Ryan Gaul


The story begins when Will Farrell uploads the show Between Two Ferns on his online network which makes Zach Galifianakis the stooge. Furthermore, while interviewing Matthew McConaughey, Zach accidently almost drowns Matthew with some assistance from his crew. Will Farrell takes this as an opportunity and presents Zach with a challenge to interview more celebrities in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of having a late-night talk show. Zach along with his crew members embarks on this journey to take interviews of famous celebrities.


‘Between Two Ferns’ as a web series was quite a success but I don’t know how far Zach and Scott thought about giving this movie a storyline. The storyline is so loose that it absolutely gives no room to the other cast members or celebrity guests that have appeared in the movie. Though the poker-faced Zach Galifianakis does manage to get some seriously offensive punches to land straight to the celebrity faces and get their honest reactions. Somehow the bloopers were honestly way funnier than the actual celeb interviews. The supporting cast has hardly been given any prominence, which makes the movie a tad weaker. Honestly speaking, I would rather prefer a normal episode of this Emmy winning show than this movie.

The web series has been a great a success. Other than bagging 2 Emmys, the show has had some big names on its guest list like President Barack Obama, Natalie Portman, Sean Penn, Bruce Willis, Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper etc. The movie fails to capture the magic of the web series miserably.