Movie Review – Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw is more of a brawny delight.
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw is more of a brawny delight.

Fast & Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw is a new addition in the franchise which is directed by David Leitch starring Dwayne Johnson.

Directed by- David Leitch
Produced by- Chris Morgan, Hiram Garcia
Music by- Tyler Bates
Star Cast- Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby


Two super agents Hobbs played by Dwayne Johnson from the United States (US), and Shaw played by Jason Statham from London, who have mostly felt revulsion towards each other in the earlier editions of the franchise, are shown to be bonding in this new addition to the series. Mostly, they are trying to save the world from a genocide which can take place from a deadly virus called “snowflake” which was stolen by Shaw’s own sister…


Now when you enter the theatre to watch f&f , it’s unfair to take your artsy rationality or fantasies along, owing to the fact that ‘Fast & Furious’ is all about super cars, machines, hulk and lots of actions (entirely mindless). Anyhow, being receptive of its dire irrationality into consideration, the film may disappoint you on many occasions.

Above all, the storyline is extremely cliched, where two alpha males leave no stone unturned to save the world from a deadly virus as Messiahs. But as the story progresses, you will almost forget the plot. Since the actions, cars, machines and WWE wrestlers are so larger than life that this part completely overshadows everything else.

Apart from that, the juxtaposition of Johnson and Statham duo’s contradictory personalities is actually fun to watch, which will make you giggle on several occasions. On the one hand, the former is an eye candy like hoot-a-minute (objectification alert), while the latter comes across as hilarious due to his constant poker face.

Last but not the least, Hattie Shaw played by Vanessa Kirby is a damsel but definitely not in distress. Rather, she’s a badass MI6 agent who has performed some excellent action stunts, but somewhere gets lost behind Johnson’s chiseled body and Statham’s pseudo-intelligence. Instead, she’s subtly reduced to a mere plot device.

Nevertheless, by the time the film reached its climax (so stretch…y, it seems like another film in itself), I thought of taking a nap (since I could easily guess what was going to happen). But the background noise (sorry music) was so brassy that it was stridently seeking my attention throughout the thirty minutes of climax.

All in all, Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw is a brainless delight, which will appeal to you only if you’re into action, and specifically an f&f loyalist.

Tip: Do not get up immediately after the film ends…