Netflix Series Review: Living with Yourself

Netflix Series: Living with Yourself
Netflix Series - Living with Yourself
Netflix Series: Living with Yourself
Netflix Series – Living with Yourself

Living with a copy of yourself has always been a dream. Like may be having a twin who would just understand you or even better may be a doppelganger. Let’s get a better ONE, what if you could clone yourself and live with it. Share your workload with it or may be even share your social and personal responsibilities with it. To answer some of these Netflix has come up with our weekend dose of entertainment with ‘LIVING WITH YOURSELF’. Starring Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea.

Directed by: Timothy Greenberg

Produced by: Karl Frankenfield, Michael Amodio, Lilly Burns, John Skidmore

Written by: Timothy Greenberg

Starring: Paul Rudd, Aisling Bea

Music by: Anna Meredith

Cinematography: Darren Lew

Edited by: Brain A. Kates, Jesse Gordon, Alex Minnick

Network: Netflix

No. of Episodes: 8

No. of Seasons: 1


The series revolves around a middle-aged man who is suffering through a crisis. He has a marriage on the rocks and a career that is going nowhere. Then somebody suggests him to go to a spa and that will help him cleanse out all the negativity out of his life. His life goes for a roller coaster ride when he discovers that he has a doppelganger, that is his own clone.


There is nobody that doesn’t like Paul Rudd. He is so adorable with his quirky looks, his witty comic timing and of course his phenomenal acting skills. Now imagine what if you double that. Yes, ladies and gentlemen we have been given the double dose of Paul Rudd in ‘LIVING WITH YOURSELF’ and we have loved it. Paul Rudd is no stranger to these tech-comedies, sitcom or romcom. He has done wonders with everything that has come his way. This is his genre; he has done most of his cinema revolving around sitcoms. The pilot of this web series ‘LIVING WITH YOURSELF’ has been one of the most engaging first episode in a long time. From the first scene itself you get glued to it and hence, are forced to binge watch it. The show has a thought through story line and the actors have done a great job complementing it.

Honestly, I don’t think there is anyone other than Paul Rudd who would have pull this show through. The storyline has minimalistic gap, flawless direction and great acting. The different angles to the stories add to the entertainment.

Our View

Do watch this sitcom. It is the perfect weekend treat for your eyes. Two Paul Rudd’s are going to entertain you thoroughly.