Too hard to handle : Book Review

Too hard to handle Book-Cover


Too hard to handle Book-Cover

Book : Too hard to handle

Author : Anamika mishra

ISBN : 9788178359946

Publishers : Kalpaz Publications

On the Jacket : “What if you try to mess with the flow of life? What if your better-half isn’t aware about your past? Are best friends really trust-worthy? What matters above all in a relationship- past, present or future? How far can you resist the deific feelings like love and victory? What happens when fate turns up out of the the blue? Too hard to handle is all about these kind of situations in your life which brings you on a crossroad and you have to make your way all alone. Find out how Anushree made her way through. But wait, this story isn’t that serious kind of as it sounds here, Anushree is a happy-go-lucky kind of a girl, and so is the story.”

First Impression : While surfing over internet I came across this book. After researching much about it on internet, I decided to buy it. The first thing that impressed me was the book cover. I found it very appealing and intriguing. Then I read the blurb of the book and within seconds, I decided to buy. It has been released on 30Aug ’13 and I was done with reading by 15th Oct. First impression on me was excellent as this was a very strong approach from a debut author.

Book Review : As the first impression on me was good, I was very curious to read the book and you won’t believe I completed reading it in just 6hours. Novel head starts with a self composed poem by Author Anamika “My eyes are wet, My legs are numb. . .” which is a very simple and nice poem. It purely defines that the protagonist is very sad and has lost someone. Anushree sharma is the lead character of the story who is sitting by the river bank in Kanpur and thinking about what all she has lost. Then the story goes into a flash back of 10months. All the incidents about how Anushree and Vivaan got engaged for arranged marriage something happens and story again goes back to 10 years. The 10years back flashback part comprises of school and college times and life of a girl, how she faces the world, how she gets back stabbed from her friends, how her stupid decisions make her suffer and how she is blamed and ditched at every step. Reading all these makes a reader to connect oneself with the series of happenings in the story. The small innocent crushes, college fests and school competitions makes the story more lively and connecting to read. I felt very nostalgic while reading it. The feelings are simple, intriguing, honest and true. All in all it is a very good read.

Language : Language used in the book by author is extremely simple, which is very appealing and appreciable. How can one perfectly define one’s feelings and situations in such simple words, you will know when you will read this book. The story is narrated by the protagonist and is in 1st person narration form. ‘If God would have granted me one wish, I would choose to . . .’ – phrases like these can be read after every few pages, which depicts how curious and helpless is the girl.

Final Verdict : If you like reading books which are a bit philosophical but jazzy yet intriguing, If you like reading about the old school love and childhood romance and crushes, if you like reading books with lots of twists and turns, If you believe in love, you should surely read this book.

It is a must have for all fiction book lovers. First-time author Anamika has shown a lot of potential through her first book. Wish her good luck for her upcoming project.