TV Series: Human Season 1 Review

The first scene is cast in the research facility of Vayu Pharma in Bhopal, where a drug is being examined on rats. It sets the mood for the tv show, which investigates hectic lab tests on misguiding poor and ignorant people, the brutal ways of big hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and their political systems, and other subjects.

Although medical mysteries are widespread in the Western, they are unusual in India, and it’s here that program producers Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh deserve to be rewarded for exploring a less travelled path. The narrative goes behind the scenes to show how drugs are first examined on laboratory rats and then, if they show promising results, tested on human beings in a series of stages before being approved for usage and launched into the industry. The series also depicts how the consequences of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy forever haunt the residents 37 years after the devastating toxic gas leakage at Union Carbide.

The various alternative storylines and plot twists that keep you captivated, lest you miss anything, make this program compelling. At the same time, the show examines the politics inside the management board of a well-known hospital and how impoverished stupid people are enticed by quick money to consent to a drug study without even being informed of the facts and possible health effects. If that isn’t enough, the majority of the actors have different shades and are dealing with various problems in their own space simultaneously.
There has also the open relationship and lesbianism elements, which, after a while, help you think that there is too much going on in this program, drawing attention away from the central theme. And it’s at this point, that the plot appears to lag a little, and you wonder if the show’s creators had maintained the duration in control.

Shefali Shah proves her skills as an actress once more, convincingly portraying the multiple sides of Dr Gauri Nath. She provides weight to her role unless she’s the calm and controlled chief of her hospital or fragile with her old friend Roma Ma. Kirti Kulhari demonstrates her talent as Saira Sabharwal, who chooses to follow the road of justice in the midst of suffering on both the personal and work fronts.

Ram Kapoor plays Gauri Nath’s spouse Pratap Munjal, who handles her business challenges in the office and with lawmakers. Aditya Shrivastav plays Ashok Vaidya, the CEO of Vayu Pharma, who has to get a dependable medicine for patients with heart disease on the street before his company falls into the hands of recent mishaps. Vishal Jethwa shows off his skills as the unfortunate Mangu, who finds uneducated people to undertake heart medicine tests to make some fast money because he’s sick of sitting at the mortuary.

To summarize, Human is an intriguing show with a unique theme and surprising plot that will have you binge-watching it. At the very exact moment, it’s incredibly dramatic and may get depressing at points, with only a few bright moments. While it is a compelling show, the faint-hearted should proceed cautiously.