#YearInReview: Best Gadgets of 2016

Gadgets Review 2016


Technology is driving gadgets and gadgets are driving consumer demand. 2016 was yet another year full of exciting gadget launches that demonstrated the best in technology application.

The Indian consumer, especially the younger generation of gadget users, have become very aware of the latest in tech developments, and are seeking out products the moment they hit the market.

Here is a list out some of the Best Gadgets of 2016 that saw tremendous consumer response.


Apple iPhone 7 Plus:



Apple continued to wow its fans with yet another successful launch of the iPhone series with 7 Plus and 7 models. Sceptics who doubted Apple’s ability to continue to surprise their fans were proven wrong, as Apple witnessed record sales globally, with demand continuing to grow for its phones. Apple, which has been facing stiff competition from Samsung for the leadership position in smartphones, was given a reprieve when Samsung was forced to recall its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model on account of exploding batteries.

iPhone 7 Plus: 5.5 inch touchscreen/ 3GB RAM/ 32 GB storage/ quad-core A10 Fusion processor/ 12MP Rear and 7 MP front cameras/ 2900mAh battery.

OnePlus 3T:

Launched in the latter part of 2016, this phone is an excellent value-for-money offering that retains a good balance between features and price.

OnePlus 3T: 5.5 inch touchscreen/ 6GB RAM/ 64 GB non-expandable storage/ 1.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor/ 16 MP front and rear camera/ 3200mAh battery.


Action Camera:

GoPro Hero5



image source:  www.cnet.com

If you are into action video and photography, then this is one gadget you can’t do without. The GoPro Hero5 Black has captured hearts of fans globally as the most preferred action camera. The Hero5 Black captures rapid action through a 12 megapixel 4K video camera with wide angle lens recording at 30fps.

The Hero5 Session comes with a 10 megapixel camera. GoPro Hero5 is waterproof at 33 feet and other features include voice support in seven languages. Another advantage is that one can upload pictures and videos to the cloud as the camera charges.


Virtual Reality Device:

Oculus Rift


image source:  www.arstechnica.com

The Oculus Rift along with Oculus controllers is something gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for. Oculus comes in to give strong competition to the more expensive HTC Vive, but is costlier than Sony’s PS4. The only limitation at present is the cost and the fact that it needs to cable connect to a full throttle gaming PC to experience some of that awesome room-scale VR.


Battery Charger:

Xiaomi 20000mAh Power Bank (with quick charge)


image source: www.soyacincau.com

Xiaomi has come out with this power bank that is supported by a two-way Quick Charge 3.0. This is yet another powerful and fast charging power bank that outperforms its earlier version which supported Quick Charge 2.0 and delivered 5.1V/3.6A through its two combined USB ports.

With the 20000mAh model, when only one device is used to charge through one of its ports, it gives an output of 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. Another advantage is that the power bank also charges itself at the same speed, saving precious time for those on the go. A very handy gadget to carry along when one wants to quickly charge a device.


Fitness Tracker:

Fitbit Charge 2


image source:  www.cnet.com

Sports and fitness enthusiasts have had their best accessory in Fitbit Charge 2 – their very own wearable fitness tracker. Worn on the wrist, Fitbit Charge 2 comes with an OLED touchscreen and gives accurate measurements of distance covered, calories consumed, active minutes covered, and also tracks sleep times. As a tracker, it covers multisport activities like outdoor running, walking, cycling, treadmill running, weight training in gym and elliptical trainer.  Via phone, one can also receive calls and SMS but cannot reply from this device.


Gaming Headphones

Steelseries Siberia V2:


image source: www.newegg.com

Gamers will simply love this headphone for high quality sound, sound attenuation and setting up a perfect balance between left and right sides. Beats out rivals in this category and offers good value for money.



INEAR Stage Diver S/ SD/ SD4/ SD4S


image source:  www.headfonia.com

These Japanese earphones offer very high quality in-ear sound that outperforms anything that competition can throw up. Although expensive, these are great for those discerning buyers who are willing to pay premium prices for very high quality sound experience.


Music on the go

Apple iPod Touch


image source: www.mobiclue.com

Apple continues to dominate this segment. The iPod Touch comes with 4-inch Retina display with 1136×640 resolution and is powered by a 64-bit A8 processor. iPod Touch offers 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video playback. One can listen to the best music on tap or go with gaming on the move.


Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Creative iRoar


image source:  uk.creative.com

One of the best portable speaker options available that offers feature rich portability with terrific sound quality packed into its mini size. The iRoar comes with 2.1 channels/ 3.5 mm Optical USB, with a separate sub-woofer option. Great quality sound speaker to carry along.


4K Ultra High Definition Television:

Samsung KS9500S


image source: www.4k.com

The consumer preference for Supreme Ultra High Definition TVs is driving demand, and as production scales up prices have been steadily going south and that’s great for consumers. Samsung has been leading the television segment in almost all categories for some time and with its latest 4K UHDTV KS9500S, it has once again scored a winner.

KS9500S: 78-inch curved screen/ 3840×2160 screen/ 4,200 R screen curvature/ Quantum Dot display/ Smart View/ HDR 1000/ Apps/Games/ Voice recognition.


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