Know about the Deadliest Snakes in India

Close to 45,000 people die in rural India from snakebites every year. However, snakebite is a problem that can be solved by learning about snakes and how to avoid them.

Here are some of the dangerous snakes in India:

1. The King Cobra is the king of snakes as it is a deadly venomous snake. It has a neurotoxic venom, and its bite can inject so many quantities of the poison. The cobra ranks as one of the deadliest snakes in India. These Snakes are frightening to us. When met face to face, they do everything they can to scare us. When they scare you, it isn’t trying to attack; it tries to say, leave me alone. Firstly the snake gives you a warning message then it attacks.

Cobras live in the fields and farms where the rats are in considerable quantities. For rats, the crop fields are a ground to eat food. Cobra is attracted by the rats and also move into the areas. Almost every field becomes a snake bite danger zones because of this. Most rural homes are close to the crop fields, and having Cobras residing close can lead to significant problems. Rats come in search of food in homes, and they become permanent residents. And where there are rats, the Cobras will follow. 

Snakes can track their prey by using their sense of smell. Cobra snakes are shy of humans, and they always want to hide from them. If you’re going to stay away from the King Cobra, keep your homes rat-free. 

2. The Saw-Scaled Viper is commonly found in many areas. It has very toxic venom. When approached too close, they can strike with a fast speed. These snakes are found in dry areas where they search for insects, rodents and reptiles. Their small size makes it difficult to see them hiding in the grass or under the leaves. It is a small snake; that’s why some people underestimate its power, but it is the most dangerous snake. Children playing outdoors in dry areas can be at risk from the Saw-Scaled Viper. The best way to avoid being bitten by the saws scaled Viper is to look carefully where you put your hands and feet while working or playing in the fields. You must use a torch at night to keep yourself protected by these venomous snakes.

3. Kraits are shy snakes of the night. They might not appear as dramatic as the Cobra. But their venom is the most dangerous of all the snakes. They live close to the building and can sometimes enter the homes in search of food. The snake bite of kraits are painless, and that’s how many people have died after not even knowing that they have got bitten by a poisonous snake. 

4. Russell’s Viper is the deadliest snake of India. It’s a large size, and toxic venom makes it a dangerous snake. It is largely responsible for deaths by snakebites in the country. Sometimes, it is mistaken for being a Python or a harmless snake. It has a chain-like pattern on its body. They wait for prey like birds and rodents. They are primarily caught resting and hiding under the leaves.