Dark Side for Bollywood Actors and Actresses

Dark Side of Bollywood
All that glitters is not gold

Dark Side of Bollywood

They keep saying that there lies a dark, dingy side to the world of showbiz, and is something which can tremble even the best of us. Hidden grim realities to the colossal industries are natural and even staple, but the brand of them we get in the entertainment business is horrifying to a whole another degree. Apparently, one goes through a lot, and we mean a lot, in the super glossy world of entertainment. And if we begin to count all the downsides, it’ll probably break our word count meter (Yes, they are really that many). So, here it is, a chunk (a significant one of course) of it…

1. The Name of the Game is Luck 

Agreed, in every line you need luck, sort of. But the film industry requires you to have nothing less than the lady luck shining on you constantly. Unless you’re a Khan, flops are unrecoverably damaging. Even hats-off performance can’t save you if you don’t have your films inflowing cash at the box office- something you don’t control. And, yes, in our arts industry, luck goes an extra mile and can even cover up some flaws, like basic acting skills, and keeps you going. Ask Katrina Kaif (don’t count on her for giving an honest answer though).

2. Odd Working Hours, Literally Odd 

The showbiz is no 9 to 5 job. You can be called at two in the morning to perform dance steps in artificial rain, go back and forth with some not-so-discreet dialogues, socialising with the crew at the ungodly hour or… or who knows what. You could be sleeping in the afternoon and working in the middle of the night one day and the next thing you know you have to completely turn your schedule upside down the following day because the role and/or the director demand so. Their film, their rules! Your alarm clock would be huffing too.

3. Nepotism – It Runs in Bollywood’s Veins 

You must’ve come across the recurring notion Bollywood biggies often echo – that they are a big strong family. Don’t shrug it off thinking they’re just being polite or this is something oldies say. They are actually telling the truth – it’s indeed a family, a family of blood relations. The industry is full of mothers & fathers and their sons & daughters and their brothers & sisters, nephews & nieces, uncles & aunts, and yes their friends or any other relationship you can think of.

Remember that interesting Koffee with Karan episode when Kangana Ranaut accused the host KJo himself of at being at the pinnacle of nepotism? That sure created waves. He once even reacted too by jokingly admitting to it. And what happened next? Nothing, they’re functioning as they were used to. So….moral of the story is that it is here to stay!

Tiger Shroff will keep appearing on our screens with the same old bad record. And Abhishek Bachchan? Fine, he’s okay now, but his initial days were awful. Without daddy’s big hand behind him – a privilege an outsider in the industry would never have – he wouldn’t be here today. But thank God for Uday Chopra. They’ve stopped rooting for him now. But we can’t stay hopeful for so long. Family love can resurface anytime.

4. Underworld ‘s Claws are Dug Deep into Bollywood 

We keep seeing this unholy association rearing its head from time to time. Underworld definitely loves the money and ‘beauty’ showbiz possesses. The shock waves broke the meter when the world heard about Mandakini (Remember that girl from Ram Teri Ganga Maili? Yeah, she.) and Dawood Ibrahim’s link-up. Then there were more; Monica Bedi with Abu Salem, Mamta Kulkarni with Chhota Rajan, and perhaps more might bubble up in the future. Besides, it has also blackmailed and tortured the B’wood celebs for money over the time. Preity Zinta is one example of the hundred others who have been pressed for money by the dons.

Salman Khan and Dawood Ibrahim Together

On the contrary, besides intimidation, there also seems to be blissful camaraderie going on between the two power worlds! Celebrities like Salman Khan were even spotted with Dawood Ibrahim at social events. So much for ‘being human’!


5. Casting Couch

Ouch! This one is really troublesome. If this happens in the first world’s showbiz industry, Hollywood, then it shouldn’t come as a shocker it happens here too. Our local industry has a Harvey Stein on the loose around every other corner. And of course, female actors/models are a natural and easy prey for them. We won’t even tread that zone, because it’s an endless freaking avalanche of dark abysmal sad stories. And don’t think for a moment, it’s any easier for the male actors. A-listers like Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana have had first-hand experiences with it.

Barring those who are at the top, newbies are often at the receiving end of it. And sadly, most of them even give in. But we’re not judging them. When you are at any stage from being a newbie to a perpetual struggler, there’s little chance you’ll climb up the ladder without getting scathed. It’s like entering a coal mine – almost impossible to emerge as clean as you went in.


There are plenty of dark sides. But, we don’t intend to paint the entertainment world all black. If you can manage to look past all the sombre things, then there is loads of money, huge fame, kind of which makes you immortal in a way, and then there’s a door to Hollywood and what not!

Now, do tell us what you think of a ‘star’s’ life. And if bitten by an acting bug down the road, would you consider going into this big bad industry? ^^