India is the most unsafe country for women: Survey

India is the most unsafe country for women

India is the most unsafe country for women

Crime against women in India has been on a steady rise with an 83% increase since 2007 in terms of crime against women, while on the other hand, there has been a steep decline in the conviction rate of the accused. The facts and figures released by the National Crime Record Bureau in 2016, gives a fair reflection on the recent survey conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation. India was ranked fourth in terms of women safety in the same survey conducted in 2011, but the recent spike in the number of atrocities and crimes against women has put the country in the first position in a similar survey conducted by the London-based charitable organisation this year.

The basis of the survey 

The survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation is based on six parameters to measure how safe a country is for the women population.

The six key areas are Healthcare, Discrimination, Cultural Traditions, Sexual Violence, Non-Sexual Violence, and Human Trafficking.

The London-based Reuters Foundation conducted the survey after a break of 7 years, to observe the change that has been made by the respective governments to improve the plight of the women in the society, while the first one was conducted in 2011. Three years back global leaders made a resolution to overcome all forms of violence and discrimination against women. They vowed to create an all-inclusive society where women can live freely without any hinderances to their freedom while providing equal opportunity within the political, economic, and public realm by 2030. The poll was conducted with a group of more than 500 women’s issues experts and after careful deliberation, the list of top 10 most dangerous countries for women was formulated.

The magnanimity of the challenges for Indian women

India emerged as the top-ranked country among the 10 most dangerous countries for women in the world leaving behind the once Talibanised state of Afghanistan and war-torn Syria, as they came second and third respectively, while the United State of America came 10th on the list. At a time when India is competing against major countries in the world to become a superpower, the country is still struggling to allow the women to break away from all the shackles that have bound them to oppression for hundreds of years. The women in this country are not safe, the statement is corroborated by the fact that in recent years the government has failed to curb the menace of sexual violence, physical or mental violence, discrimination against sex, and last but not least the flesh trade.

Five years and still no change

Five years ago when Nirbhaya incident happened it was considered as a watershed moment in India’s fight against the danger existing for the women in the society. However, five years down the line things have hardly changed, the recent Kathua and Unnao rape case highlighted the frailties that still exists in the society and are hindering the liberties of the women in India. The age-old stigma still exists within the majority sections of the society, where women are treated with the patriarchal mindset and rape, marital rapes, sexual assault and harassment, female infanticide has gone haywire.

Experts’ opinion

According to experts on the panel, India came in first place in terms of sexual violence, cultural traditions, and human trafficking, the three out of the six parameters used by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. While in terms of providing basic healthcare, India was joint fourth with Middle-eastern country Yemen. India was in the third position in terms of non-sexual violence that includes physical, mental or domestic abuse and discrimination in the political, economic, and public domain. The experts felt that the government has not been able to curb the rising crimes against women, the authority time and again failing to take stringent actions against the culprit resulting in countries rise as the most dangerous country in the world for women.

The list released by Thomson Reuters on Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women:

S.No. Country
1 India
2 Afghanistan
3 Syria
4 Somalia
5 Saudi Arabia
6 Pakistan
7 The Democratic Republic of the Congo
8 Yemen
9 Nigeria
10 United States of America

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