The Next Generation – Where Are They Headed

The Gen Y

The Gen Y

The generation Y. Our future. The world’s morrow. When one thinks about them, a question does crop up in mind. What do they aspire? Where are they headed? I asked a few of them a very simple question. What do you want in life? I was surely expecting idealistic answers like World Peace or something like Go Green. But when asked, pat came the replies like “fame and money”, “we are attention seekers”, “we want money but we should also have ample time for family and friends”. And last but not the least one answer was, “We want romance in our lives”. That got me wondering. I realised to know what they aspire, we need to know them.

The Gen Y are very much interested in a better world and exhibit a strong sense of community. They are ready to rise to an occasion, to put a wrong right. It is surely heartening to see the Gen Y on the streets fighting for causes which will make the world a better place. They have a civic sense and they have the gumption to stand against corruption.

No social causes, priorities are egocentric

They are very aware of the problems the world is facing. However, their priority in life reflects narcissism, because of which, they, on more occasions than one, turn a blind eye to the problems the world is facing unless and until it affects them in one way or other. Their priorities in life are very egocentric, because of which they are not able to commit themselves to social causes. They are very well informed as their name indicates them as the Gen Next, but alas, only a handful of them come out to help because the others are engaged in a rat race for money and fame.

The Gen Next are educated and high achievers. With competition on the rise, everyone is trying to excel in his/her field. And with helicopter parents, they have everything that they need for success, if they put their mind to it. It’s unfortunate but true that the Gen Next have been handed over everything in a silver platter and expect a perfect world, with a healthy economy and a green environment also to be handed over to them.

Unlike the preceding generation they want a hip life with fun, frolic, entertainment with friends. With the borders around the world slowly disappearing, family for the Gen Y constitutes friends too and from all over the world. Even with the prevalent financial crisis, the Gen Y is optimistic of their ability to earn. But the difference is they want to earn to spend and not to save. Their motto in life is: YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE!!

I have often heard of the quote which says let’s leave a better world for the future generation. Maybe it’s time to add to the quote, the words, let’s take the help of the future generation and leave a better place for them.