Working Women Can Be Good Mothers

Working women can be good mothers
Working women can be good mothers.

We live in an era where women are equally hard-working compared to men in terms of their careers. In earlier generations, where most women did not have the freedom to pursue their careers and become independent, they were only meant to stay home and look after their families and kids. Many women were not allowed to study either. Even if some did, they had to go through many struggles. 

Whereas in today’s era, women pursuing higher studies and their careers are very much normalised. Women of today’s generation are political leaders associated with the medical line (doctor, nurses, scientists, researchers ), entrepreneur, teachers/professors, sportsperson, designers, social media influencers, chef, and many more. Besides the many issues and norms, one very controversial norm that has existed for a very long time now is that working women are not good or ideal as mothers. Motherhood is the most beautiful part of a women’s life.

Working women are considered not to be responsible and ideal mother. It is a negative social norm, and working women are equally responsible for their kids and families. In fact, working women are the perfect role models for their kids. Women who can live independently and take decisions for themselves can also balance their personal and professional life.

There are many positive sides to the fact of working women:

  1. They are role models to their kids as they manage the house, family, kids, and profession.
  2. They prepare their children to be responsible by teaching them to do their work independently, which later in their life becomes beneficial.
  3. Male kids of working women have a different perspective towards women and their roles in society, which are the opposite of pre-existing stigmas. 

There may be problems that the women and children might face, so do the other family members. For example, a full-time working woman may not get much time and opportunity to spend time with their children in their developing years. It results in a gap between the relationship of the mother and the child. However, it is a normal part of life, like any other ups or downs of life. Issues that the child and mother might face differs from person to person. Moreover, it is utterly false that working women cannot be good mothers. Therefore, it is very wrong to make such statements and dwell on such hostile norms.

The underlying reasons behind a woman’s life decisions are not known by everyone, for which it is no less than a crime to comment on someone’s lifestyle and way of living it. Motherhood is a blessing for every woman, and no women make bad choices for their children. The perspectives and course of leading lives only differ.