5 Modern Indian Authors To Follow

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There is no denying that books shape a human being, the books we read influence how we perceive the world and how we think. Reading is one of the best hobbies that a child can develop that will never go out of fashion. Whether you like reading old school with a paperback book in hand or on your mobile phones, a good book has the power of changing and shaping your mindset.

Mostly we turn to foreign authors for engaging storylines. However, many good authors have come up in recent times in India. Their stories are being read worldwide and are just as good.

Here’s a list of modern Indian authors who are changing the Indian literary scene one book at a time.

Amish Tripathi

Mythology is an excellent source for modern-day literature. It is an evergreen concept that can be formed into various stories according to our imagination. If you’re a fan of the Percy Jackson series, you should give Amish a read. Today he is one of India’s highest-selling authors. Amish is critically acclaimed and a New York Times bestseller. His trilogy ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ has gotten high acclaim by contemporaries. The trilogy celebrates lord Shiva, not as a god but as a human. The writer uses mythology to create a new universe where mythology and fiction merge is genuinely fascinating and worth reading. You will love the twists and turns of this series and find yourself immersed from the get-go. He is also the author of other book series like the ‘Ramayana trilogy.’

Ashwin Sanghi

He is another best-selling author. Like Amish Tripathi, Ashwin has brought the world of fiction and mythology together to create a wondrous universe for all fiction lovers. He’s famous for books like the Krishna key, Chanakya’s Chant, among others. He has accompanied renowned author James Patterson in two New York Times bestselling novels as well.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 

Chitra Banerjee is an Indian-American writer. She is known for writing about her experiences as an immigrant in the USA. She is also a poet and has several books published. One of her most notable works is The Palace of Illusions. It is a version of the epic Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view. A dramatic and tragic read will captivate you right from the moment Draupadi was born to her fate.

Durjoy Dutta

If you’re looking for a light, comedic and romantic read, Durjoy Dutta is a good choice. He writes stories ranging from college students to medical patients ailing with a terminal disease. His marriage and experiences also inspire his books. His books are joyful and heartbreaking at the same time. On one page, you’ll be smiling along with the protagonist, and on the next, you’ll be holding back tears. For a break from serious fiction, Durjoy Dutta is the perfect Indian author.

Aravind Adiga

He is known for his Booker prize-winning novel ‘The White Tiger’. Aravind Adiga is an Indian author with high critical acclaim. He has appeared in various publications like The Sunday Times, The New Yorker, among others. His latest novel called Amnesty came out in 2020 and has received positive reviews.