No Oven Macaroons Recipe for Beginners

Macaroons recipe
Representative Image. (Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash)

Macarons are a French dessert made of almond flour, like a crispy sandwich with a cream cheese filling. Macarons are made of a few simple ingredients, and you can customize the flavour as per your taste. The filling is usually made of cream cheese but can be changed according to your liking. French macarons get traditionally prepared in the oven, but you will find out how to prepare it without the oven on the stove in this recipe. 


  • Almond flour- ¾ cup
  • Icing sugar- 3 tbsp.
  • Egg whites- 2
  • Food colour (any colour you like)- 2 to 3 drops

For the filling:

  • Cream cheese- ½ cup (room temperature)


  1. Firstly take a large bowl and add the egg whites to it.
  2. Beat the egg whites using a beater until it forms into foam. This process may take 9 to 10 minutes. 
  3. Gradually add the icing sugar to the egg-white foam and beat for some more time. You can add food colouring in this step if you want to.
  4. The foam should now have stiff peaks. Start adding the almonds bit by bit and mix it with the egg foam mixture using a hand spatula. Do not use a whisk for this step. Continue folding the mixture using the spatula for approximately 10 to 12 minutes.
  5. After the mixture is well folded, pour the mixture into a piping bag. 
  6. Now take a baking tray or aluminium tray and place parchment paper on it.
  7. After that, using the piping bag, pour the mixture on the tray. The amount of the mixture poured should be the size slightly larger than a coin.
  8. Pour in the macaron mixture on the tray, so the tray is filled but please ensure that there is enough gap between each macaron. 
  9. After pouring the mixture, tap the tray twice so all the air bubbles will be released and leave it aside for 20 minutes, so it sets down.
  10. Meanwhile, place a large pan with a cover on the stove and preheat it on low flame for 10 minutes. 
  11. After the pan is preheated, add a silver rack on the middle of the pan and place the tray with the macarons. 
  12. Please leave it to bake for 15 to 20 minutes on medium flame. 
  13. Meanwhile, let’s prepare the filling. Take the cream cheese and whisk it well until the consistency is smooth.
  14. After whisking the cream cheese, fill it in a piping bag.
  15. When the macarons are baked, take them off the flame and leave them to cool down.
  16. When it cools down, take one macaron, add some cream cheese, and cover it with another macaron.
  17. Repeat this process for all the macarons. And it is ready to serve.