5 Things People Want Banned in India for Good

Things That Should Be Banned in India
Things which should be banned
Things That Should Be Banned in India
Things which should be banned

There are many things in our day-to-day life that we find annoying. But there are many with which we are fed up to the point that we can’t take them anymore. We’ve researched, asked around and found some things which people just can’t do with anymore. Some of them are really unreasonable and illogical. Begin the slideshow to know what are the things India wants to put a ban on.

1. Ban Littering in Public Spaces

For the hundredth time, we are all so sick of this. For how many times have we seen people shamelessly spitting on the side of the roads? And, don’t even talk about people finding corners on the roads to pee. The passers-by scrunched up noses are not only because they are witnessing the cleanliness of the city getting ruined but also because the hygiene of the city is getting lost. Open defecation/peeing in open public spaces is a breeding ground for potential diseases. Public littering is not something that can’t be avoided. A ban on this should be in order.

2. Ban Godmen

For how many times are we going to get hoodwinked, deceived, and duped? And, that too by the same ways and tricks over and over again. The road to disaster is similar in all cases- they come, say comfort words, and the whole mass gets swayed. All the while, these godmen are indulging in luxurious lives while constantly teaching us to keep it in moderation since all that is ‘maya’. But for some reason, we just overlook that thinking that how a godmen can do any wrong. And we continue believing in the charade. But one day, everything turns upside down when they get accused of rapes and murders. The followers are not only left abandoned and confused but also fiendishly hurt. It’s time the godman charade gets ended.

3. Ban Nepotism

Nepotism is an ugly concept, whether it happens in politics or Bollywood. Let’s talk about the movie industry first. All that is there is people and their children and their grandchildren. Those who are from outside are really few. It’s like whoever is getting born to the industry people gets to have a ticket to Bollywood. Age no bar, looks no bar, talent no bar. Just the plain old rule – one who is from the industry stays in the industry. We almost never get to see new faces who don’t share genes with the already established stars. Sigh! And, the practice is even more disturbing in politics. Because here we are talking about the future of our country. Continuing a family tree in top-most authoritative posts is sad.

4. Ban Tobacco 

Tobacco is one of the leading causes of deaths in India. We can seriously do away with pan masala, gutka, and cigarettes. While some states are on board with the ban, many are not. What we need is a blanket ban on the situation. If ghastly images of diagnosed people with tobacco intake in ads is not a tip-off for you then you should see the stats where millions are reported to die due to this over the globe every year. Oral cancer is a common disease among people who rely on tobacco for recreation. Why not save these million lives and have a permanent ban on its use for once and all!

5. Ban Plastic

Many parts of the country know how deeply the plastic can mess with our ecosystem. They have taken the right step to completely eliminate it from the people’s life by making them switch to paper and cloth bags. However, there is yet to a long way to go for imposing a country-wide ban. The problem of pollution and waste disposal can really use some help with the blanket restriction. Can’t it?

So, these were all. Have something in mind which should be banned? Do tell us in the comments below.

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