A date with December 21

The day is here. The one which created lot of anxiety and initiated a number of debates. Will the world end today? When it was 12am I thought the eventful day has started. Then the thought struck me. Eventful for me here in India, what about those in Australia and Japan, they have already experienced few hours of the day. And if they have experienced, we are entitled for those many hours as well and while we experience say 6 hours of the day Australia will automatically experience 12 hours of the day. I then asked my mind what theory it was working on and it replied am trying to wriggle out of the situation and working on theories on how that can be done. I wondered why am I trying to play with something so emphatic called doomsday with my weird calculations.

Then the second thought came to me. Is it actually that weird? The Mayans predicted the earth will end on this date but the date is not same for everyone on this earth. What happens then? Did the Mayans know the earth was round and not flat? So many questions yet again. I asked my mind to take rest and stop its anti doomsday theory building.

If at all the calamity has to happen I am not sure whether we will have an inkling about it.  Do we get notification for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions? So how we would know beforehand that the world will end?  Isn’t nature something beyond our perceptions? While I was being philosophical over this fact I got to read some interesting posts on Facebook where someone had said will he be able to brush his teeth with a Colgate, another person wanted the world to end so that he didn’t have to see his boss’s face.

I smiled and thought we Indians are basically humorous by nature or maybe we have turned so as getting serious never helped us. We don’t go for annual health checkups, don’t bother about what, where and how we eat. We are not afraid of death as we see it every day in some form or the other. We have somewhat accepted it as something usual, a part of our life. When it happens we pause for a while and then start moving again.

December 21 is a day for each one of us. Eventful? No as we already have lot of events to take care of in our daily life which leaves us with little time to care for something of this magnitude. Our attitude is different. We think when it will happen we will see what can be done why bother from now on. This carefree attitude of ours works against us most of the times but sometimes it is good for us as well. We are not bothered and we follow the “chalta hai” and “dekha jayega” attitude. With these traits there in my blood as well I would also wait and watch what happens in the entire day, who will care from now on and anyway there is no point worrying.