Women not so safe in India

As a blooming country, India is becoming a world-class country but the safety of its people especially women remains a question. According to surveys, India ranks in the top five most unsafe places for women in the world. Across India, it is difficult to be find out what state or city is safer than the other for women.

But what makes our country so unsafe for women? Many experts debate on whether it is the deep-rooted psyche of a male dominated society, the lack of education and morals or is it the socio-economic diversity or perhaps it is all of them. Sexual harassment, molestation and rape have become so common that staying safe for women in India is becoming quite difficult.

Almost every women has experienced some or the other kind of sexual harassment or eve-teasing in her life time. The society does not ask what gives any man the right to stare, grope or rape a woman. Is it the deep seeded mentality that turns the people into extremely sexually repressed human beings, and transfer themselves into committing sexual violence at various levels.

Seeing the history of sexual assault and rapes cases in the country, the main question which rises is about the failure in ensuring safety for women around the country and the punishment laws regarding these matters. It is high time the administration wakes up and does something about it.

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