Advantages of Waking Up Early

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Benefits of waking up early imageAs a kid I remember that all sorts of shops used to open by 7 am. It was during these wee hours that all morning chores were completed. But the present scenario is totally different. Now you cannot think of shops being opened before 11 am especially in metros. One can see many people strolling and taking morning walk in the parks of Delhi even at 9 am. Not only this but at home, on weekends no one wants to leave bed before 9. These are just few differences but there are many examples to prove that our day now starts quiet late as compared to past. This indicates a drift in the nature of a man, his routine and daily activities. For most of the people day starts late, which means they will work till late at night and gets up late in the morning. Consequence of this is a sleep deprived generation which is not so energetic. There is less of physical work and no morning walk. This results in health problems like blood pressure, obesity, depression, lack of energy etc. So the mantra of good and healthy life is to become a morning person, if your job allows you to be so.

A morning person gets up early in the morning, feels energetic and tries to complete most of his work before noon. All of us are controlled by our cardiac rhythm that we call biological clock, which operates on 24 hour basis. Light and temperature along with our own body temperature, hormones and cognitive level define this. Slight variation in this makes us a morning or an evening person. Also our habits shape our routine.

In Sikh Gurbani it is written that one should get up early in the morning (Amrit Vela) between 3 am to 6 am as this is the best time to mediate, worship God and for energizing yourself for the rest of the day. Further, as per the Gurbani one should take six hours of sleep and go to bed at 9 pm though there can be slight variations to this. It is believed that if one gets up early in the morning then he or she will be free from the heavy mind and illogical dreams. Starting your day early means that you have plenty of day left with you for so many other things. Moreover it is the time that starts before the distracted world when everything is calm, quiet and peaceful. Even the studies have shown that morning persons are agile and have strong cardiac functioning.

Though for some to become a morning person is not that easy as it really requires an inner strength to leave the cozy bed in the morning. Keep one strong goal and inspiration in mind and this will help you to change your routine. Most of the successful people start their day early and make use of this time that others don’t. To become a morning person you have to go to bed before 10 pm even if there is a pressure from your social circle not to do this. Plan how will you utilize your morning hours in the best possible manner or just ignore everything and give time to yourself. This will make your soul happy and you will remain energetic for the entire day.

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