Bodyguards but not pepper spray

After the gang rape case of Dec’ 12, Delhi is changing every now and then especially with respect to females Soon after the incident pepper sprays were in great demand. But then it was felt that what would a pepper spray do in such a situation? Will there be time to use the spray? And what if it is used by the other party on you? Hence, a need for a better option was felt. So Delhiites have again found the solution and come up with the facility which is catching attention – it is keeping a personal bodyguard or Private Security Officers (PSOs). Personal security guards are in demand and with this security business in Delhi is getting a great boost. Hiring bodyguards is now no longer limited to famous personalities or political leaders but with common man especially women and girls who look for this option for their security in the city.

Earlier keeping a bodyguard was the way to show off and status symbol but now it is a need, as girls are not at all safe in the city. Again cases of gang rape are coming up in Delhi and NCR region. Many females who work in the wee hours of the night need bodyguard for protection. Also these security personnel work as drivers. As driving car alone at night is very risky and to avoid this females in Delhi now look for this option to keep bodyguard. Though keeping a bodyguard does not cost much but price of trained security personnel depends upon the looks and level of training. People hire bodyguards on the basis of their qualification, English speaking ability, and capability to mingle with the crowd. Also the registration of security personal with Security Company matters a lot.

But do you think that a middle class family would ever think of sending its daughter, wife or sister with unknown bodyguards for party or work even if they are registered and have all the above stated qualifications. Question of trust arises again. There are so many news of distrust in every relationship that you take the decision of not trusting anyone. Moreover you never know when the mind of your bodyguard spins at 180 degree and he instead of guarding you mistreat you. It is really very embarrassing that our society need this kind of a change. The change, which is not positive but depicts that something or the other is wrong with our surroundings. We are not ready to revolutionize but finding different ways of protection. Though personal safety is of utmost importance but ways to change the thinking should be there. Morality should be infused within society that there is no need to hire bodyguards. Better if we learn the techniques of self defense or martial art and beware of our surroundings.