Your handwriting says it all

What does your handwriting says about you?
What does your handwriting says about you?
What does your handwriting says about you?
What does your handwriting say about you?

Your handwriting says it al. Experts say that type of handwriting defines your personality, as every person is unique so does the handwriting. The chances that two persons will have same handwriting are one in billion. Milton Newman Bunker in the early 1900s invented graphoanalysis, the most common graphology technique. Graphology is the study of handwriting and is based on science. Handwriting experts believe that graphology is especially related to human psychology. Your handwriting is a medium between your personality and subconscious mind. Any minor change in handwriting can bring change in your life. Psychologists look this as a pseudoscience. But importance of graphology can be understood from the fact that it is used in court to find out guilty. It is even used in medical field to find out diseases related to brain and nervous system. In some countries, handwriting of people is analyzed for hiring them for high profile posts.

About 72 unique personality traits can be identified by analyzing handwriting. We develop our handwriting till the age of 17 and experts believe that kids must be taught to write in a correct manner so that they can have a balanced personality.

Some typical personality traits associated with handwriting:

  • If your handwriting is of large size then you are very a talkative, open and affectionate person.
  • People having medium sized handwriting are exact, composed and rational.
  • If you have a small handwriting then you are focused on all the things and too observant.
  • Very small handwriting defines you as an overly concerned fellow regarding formal details and rules.
  • If you start writing anything just from the top of a page then you are an organized person. Starting paragraph from the center of a page shows that you are either disorganized or love to be a center of attraction.
  • If you leave less space on the left side of the page then you do not let your past go off so easily. You are a person who remembers the past. Less space on the right side of the paper means that you think a lot about your future.
  • Now check the slant of your lines in handwriting. If the slant ascends to left then your mood while writing is good and if these descend from left to right then your mood is bad. You are very confused if the lines slants left as well as right. Also if your handwriting slants to right then you are a very emotional person.
  • Now check how you write your “o”. If you write a closed “o” then you don’t open up with people so easily on the other hand if your “o” is more like “u” then you are an open minded person.
  • You are an artistic person if you have lots of curves and loops in alphabets.
  • Putting simple dots on “I”, “j” makes you an easy going person but on the other hand if you draw circle above these letters then you are quiet a reserved personality.
  • String pressure while writing “t” indicates your strong ambitions in life and energy you are going to use to achieve your ambition.
  • If your handwriting is harmonious then you are a balanced personality.
  • Large caps show your leadership quality.

So if you think that your handwriting can influence you personality then look for correct style of writing and make the difference in your life.