Calcium and Vitamin D Enriched foods For Sturdy Bones

Calcium and Vitamin D Enriched foods for Sturdy Bones
Calcium and Vitamin D Enriched foods for Sturdy Bones

We all are aware that bones constitute a very important part of the human body. It gives our body shape and help us in movement. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our bones and keep them healthy and strong. Exercising regularly and eating proper food are the keys to promoting bone health.

Calcium and Vitamin D are two nutrients, extremely crucial for healthy bones. While calcium helps in making your bones and teeth structure strong, Vitamin D improves calcium absorption and growth of bones in the body. Lack of these essential nutrients makes the bones brittle and fragile thus, causing diseases like osteoporosis, rickets etc.

It is advised to include foods in your diet which have rich stores of calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients are not just important to live a healthy life, but also becomes crucial as you age. Below are some foods which are profused with calcium and Vitamin D and keep your bones healthy and strong.

Like all dairy products, cheese is an excellent source of calcium and contains a small amount of vitamin D. Cheese contains carbohydrates, minerals (like calcium), and also a small amount of vitamin D which are important for healthy bone development and stronger teeth. Ricotta cheese provides the maximum amount of Vitamin D and mozzarella cheese has the highest amount of calcium.
Add a slice of cheese to your sandwich or burger or sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese over your pasta or pizza. Make sure you don’t overeat as it can contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

Yogurt is among the certain foods which are essential for bones and teeth and helps in making up your daily Vitamin D and calcium requirement. A cup of yogurt is a healthy and creamy way to give your body a boost of these essential nutrients. Yogurt helps in preventing several bone disorders like osteoporosis. Some studies also state that yogurt is the best dairy option available for increasing the bone mineral density. Though we love to go for the protein-packed Greek yogurts, they have less calcium and very little vitamin D content.

Eggs contain a good amount of calcium and Vitamin D in them which helps in strengthening of the bones. The egg yolk contains the Vitamin D and the egg whites are a good source of calcium. So it is always advised to go for a full egg. They fulfill 6% of your daily Vitamin D requirement.

Fortified Orange juice
A glass of orange juice is a healthy way to start the day. Fortified orange juices are loaded with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C which are essential for keeping the bones strong. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for stronger and healthier bones as it promotes the production of collagen. Collagen forms the connective tissues and bones.
There are orange juices fortified with both the nutrients and some aren’t. So always go for the one which contains both. But don’t over drink it as it is high in calories and raises blood sugar much faster than orange slices.

Soy Milk
Soy milk is an excellent source of both calcium, vitamin D, and amino acids. Drinking soy milk increases the level of calcium and iron in the body. This makes your bones stronger and builds sturdier teeth and gums.

Sardine is a nutrient-rich fish which contains a good amount of calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus in it. These minerals are essential for maintaining bone health, preventing mineral loss in bones and in healing bones after injuries. This fish is usually available in cans and are popular for their strong smell and taste. You can add this fish in your pasta and salads to make them more delicious.

Salmon fish is enriched with omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin D. This omega-3 fatty acid along with required nutrients helps in the absorption of calcium and thus, increases the bone density. Canned salmon comes with softer and edible bones which means, it is power-packed with calcium too. Including it in your diet will promote a healthy heart and strong bones.

Tofu is a highly nutritious food which contains a good amount of protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin D. As tofu has a high level of calcium and plant-based chemicals like isoflavones, it helps in building stronger bones. Just one-half cup of firm tofu fortified with calcium fulfills 20 percent of your daily calcium requirement. You can add it to smoothies or sauces, or replace chicken or meat with tofu in stir-frys, curries, or stews.

Fortified Cereals
Fortified Cereals have rich nutrient content in them including calcium and Vitamin D. One cup of fortified cereals gives you 30% of the daily recommended value of vitamin D. Fortified cereals like Raisin Bran, and Corn Flakes contains lot of calcium in just one serving.