Colors and Your Mind

Some people like bright colors like yellow, while others love to look at and wear soft tones like green and blue. Every personality is unique and so is their choice of colors. Colors not only make our life vibrant, but they profoundly impact our mind and psychology. But like most things in life, we take this as a default setting and don’t give it much thought. Have you ever noticed that by wearing certain colors you feel good and confident, while some colors make you feel sad? It is because colors are associated with our personalities?

Not only this, but since the time we are born, till death, color plays a vital role. Every occasion of our life is associated with a specific color. In Hinduism, red is the color of bridal wear, new borns are not wrapped in yellow but green and the color white is for mourning. The effect of color is not only seen in humans, but among animals as well. Animals use color to attract and  send alerts. A chameleon changes its color to hide itself.

Colors and your mind:

Blue – This color enhances creativity. It is a very soothing color and that is why even nature has given this color to the sky and water. The color of night is blue as well. This colour displays loyalty, peace, calmness and tranquility. Blue is not a food color, so you will very rarely find blue cutlery. Also, excessive blue leads to depression.

Red – This color is full of energy and adds vibrancy to life and is associated with ambition. Red is the color of life, as blood is red. This color has a positive effect on a person. But, if you are exposed to red in excess, then this may lead to frustration and anger. Constant exposure to the color red may also lead to high blood pressure.

Yellow– Every smiley or happy emoticon you see is yellow. Yellow is believed to release serotonin in the brain which leads to a happy mood. It also increases concentration, which is why it is recommended to have study rooms painted yellow. Children tend to come up with new ideas while studying in a room painted yellow; it also gives them the required optimism and encouragement. But an excess of yellow  may cause tiredness, so combine it with some soft colors like blue.

Black– Black is related to power and authority. It is also the best color to make a style statement. Black displays aggressiveness, which is why all mythological demons used to wear black.

White – White is a neutral color which denotes purity, cleanliness and innocence. White is also the color of sophistication. It has the ability to calm you down and helps you to cleanse yourself spiritually. White is also the color of freedom from unwanted thoughts.

Green – The color of nature is green and every plant is colored in this hue. Green soothes our eyes and for better eyesight it is recommended to look at something green in the morning, especially trees or plants. Because of its healing ability, green is also used in most hospitals. Green helps in reducing stress and anxiety by encouraging comfort and calmness, it is also the color of fertility.

Pink– Pink is the most romantic of all colors and is liked by most women. This color also depicts feminism. Painting your bedroom pink can help you stay calm.

Purple– Luxury and sophistication are two major things associated with purple. This color is related to the right side of the brain and so kindles one’s imagination. Apart from this, purple portrays deep thinking, musical impulses, sensitivity and spiritual behavior.

Orange – Orange has the ability to change your bad mood into a good mood and so is a very joyous color. One who lacks interest in life must wear orange to get back that zest in their life.

Grey – Grey portrays self reliance and protects one from the outside world. Some people find this a very depressing color, since it is the color of fog, smoke, and clouds.

Gold – Gold has immense power just like yellow, since it is connected to the sun, which is the source of all energy. One can gain more wisdom, understanding and power by using this color.

Silver – The color of the moon, silver has a balancing impact on the human mind.

Brown – The color of the earth, brown signifies stability and firmness of thoughts.