Daughter of the Bin – A Punjabi Play Review

Girl Child is Precious
SHE is not their dream child.
Girl Child is Precious
SHE is not their dream child.

SHE is not their dream child, they don’t know what to do with her, they decide to throw her in the dustbin. THEY, they are thousands of THEY in today’s India, THEY are all over and they feel that this is the only thing to do with an unwanted child, an unwanted girl child at that. There is a stark difference between the number of girls thrown into dustbins and the number of boys thrown into them. We all who are based in India are aware and know/kind-of-know at least one couple who resorted to female-foeticide. We all know that as a matter of fact that tens of thousands of girls are abandoned at birth, many in the bin. It is time for us to work towards stopping this madness. If you think you need inspiration to do your part, this play is what you must watch, Daughter of the Bin – Kuraydaan Di Jayi, by Punjab Naatshala, Amritsar.

About its name: Daughter of the Bin – Kuraydaan di Jayi. She is the one who was lifted from the bin, no one knows who she was before she was dumped there, her life begins from the bin, she is “Daughter of the Bin.”

About Punjab Naatshala: Punjab Naatshala is a dream achieved in ones own life time. Mr. Jatinder Brar is a legend in Punjabi theater. For fifteen years he has been promoting “the act of theatre  – Punjabi drama through this charitable trust which he founded. His institution has given an incredible asset to this holy city of Amritsar, which like all other cities of India also suffers with some of the maladies of mankind.

About  the theatre  It is an awesome theatre from technicalities involved. Multimedia, sound effects, revolving stage, modular flooring and an engineering marvel of a ceiling. It  has what it takes to be a theatre where justice can be done to exemplary stories and performances.

About story of the play: It is a simple story of truth, it is a story of an unfortunate facet of our lives, it is a story of a crime known, acknowledged but not aggressively fought against. It is a story of life of a girl dumped in a bin, a story of a girl child pronounced useless at birth. The story is written by Mr. Jatinder Brar himself.

About the Director: It is a stage and a stage comes to life when a Director puts his soul in it. Mr. Rajinder Singh brought that one component which makes a drama a Real Life on Center Stage.

About the Play: It is life, not on celluloid but real life. It is enacted with a sense of pride by all those involved in bringing it up for people to look within themselves. Not just a cursory look, but a holistic look which makes them an ambassador of its core thought. Brilliance in every discipline is the hallmark of this play, this is how I will rate each department:

  • Stage Management – Flawless 10/10
  • Music – Soul Stirring 8/10
  • Choreography – Energetic and lively 8/10
  • Lights – Functional, practical and not overpowering at any stage 9/10
  • Sound – Clear with frequencies within the range at every stage 9/10
  • Costume – Good and real for most of the characters. In only two scenes they looked like a costume 7/10
  • Stage Design – Interesting with multimedia effects built in at various stages 8/10
  • Special Effects – Marvelous 9/10
  • Performances – Exceptionally brilliant, beyond highest expectations 9/10
  • Lead Performer – Rajinder Choudhary was 100% into his character and was also the bind of the play 10/10
  • Second Lead – Daughter of the Bin was staged by three different artists depicting three age brackets of the child, all three did a brilliant job. (I am not sure about their names at the time of writing, would make sure and add them later) 10/10
  • Direction: It just doesn’t allow you to move away from your seat 10/10

All play lovers must watch this play, even if it entails going all the way to Amritsar for it.

Thoroughly enjoyed!