Spiritual Healing – An alternate to medicine

The way we are living our lives, working and the kind of stuff we are eating is contributing to stress and lots of unwanted problems in life. Though no one wants to welcome the problems and diseases, but yet these become part of our life. Many a times in spite of our efforts of cutting down on calories and all proves of no use to curb the problems. But there is another way out to relieve stress and get rid of diseases and even with this you can enhance the effect of medication. This is ‘Spiritual Healing’, which gives the peace of mind. Spiritual Healing is actually the healing of spirit through rituals. Healer is the medium to transfer energy given to him or her by God. It has been proved in spiritual research that root cause of about 80% of problems is related to spiritual dimension.

Almost every culture of the society practice spiritual healing in its own way and to India it is not at all a new thing. The wholeness of the body is restored in spiritual healing. This technique acts on the non physical part of our body that is mind, life forces and emotions than just physical. Spiritual healing can be administered to anyone from babies, adults and even to animals so no religious faith is required as such. All you can have is faith in your healer and his or her healing ability with positive attitude.

During worse circumstances in life we often ask other person to offer prayers to God on our behalf. This is also a form of spiritual healing. In this other person chant for your well being and this is considered as a minimum level of spiritual healing. It is the form of concentrated prayer and God is remembered with full concentration. It is actually the way to surrender before the supreme power.

Reiki and Pranic healing are two well known techniques of spiritual healing. A person with 50% spiritual level has the ability to perform this. Each healing session lasts from ten to twenty minutes. Before session, the healer explains the whole procedure to you and with the permission healer places his or her hands at particular points on patient’s body. During the entire session you are supposed to remain calm and it is better to close your eyes. With the progression in healing you will feel the warmth at certain points. Some even experience cool and some nothing at all.

Anyone can become healer but for that you will have to learn the ways to perform spiritual healing though some are born with this. To start with one can perform the spiritual practice on himself. Also when you are capable to heal other, it is advisable not to get emotionally attached to patients as everyone has to go through the pain in life which is stored for him or her.

Spiritual healing also goes along with other treatment as it enhances the overall effect of such treatments. Across the world people practice spiritual healing and cure hundreds and thousands of souls. If you have experienced any session of spiritual healing or practice the same then do share your experience with us.