Do you think India needs a dictator to settle down the chaos in the society or democracy can solve the problem?

On every Independence and Republic Day we talk about our military achievements, developments, and the progress our nation has made since 15th August 1947. But a common man in India is bearing the pressure of inflation, price hike, petrol price rise, corruption, social unrest and somewhere down the line the diminishing peace. Who is responsible for all these? – Our leaders who are running India, their vested interest, we or our system? If checked thoroughly then probably everything is out of order that needs to be adjusted for the actual development.

Apart from all the awful incidents happening in the society, rape cases and crime against women is increasing at an alarming rate. Last year the gang rape of an intern in Delhi was the height of cruelty. A juvenile who did the maximum injury was set free. Why? Few days back a 51 years old Danish woman was raped in Delhi. She was our guest. She lost her way to her hotel, but instead of helping her three Indian men looted her and raped her for three hours. Where is the immediate punishment?  India really needs a new mentor who can radically change the society.

There is no doubt that Law and order are written very well in India but when it comes to the implementation we stand nowhere. Someone should have to be there for the strict implementation of law and order. Corruption is further damaging everything. India needs an able leader to lead and root out the corruption.

To solve this there is another option that we shift from democracy to dictatorship. Do you agree? Let us explore both of these a bit before concluding.

What is a dictatorship?

Definition from Wikipedia- “A dictatorship is defined as an autocratic or authoritarian form of government in which a government is ruled by either an individual: a dictator, or a small group of people, as in an oligarchy.”

Pros – Why India needs a dictator?

India needs a visionary, strong and an able leader to clear the chaos in our society. Socialist rules and regulations in India are one of the reasons of this mess. It can neither be cleaned with a docile attitude nor love. Only the attitude of a dictator can work for such cases.

Everything from sports, politics to trade etc is carrying and working with the loads of corruption. Though we have good politicians but number of corrupt is much higher. This is leading to the regression. Dictator can implement the decision to solve the problem.

Law and order in India is disrupted every now and them. Crime against women is increasing. One strong leader with complete powers like dictator can certainly stop this.

It will give decision making in the hands of a person rather than different ministries. In a democratic structure one man cannot take a decision so lacks freedom.

Dictatorship is the best way to tackle the selfish leaders. It will also solve the lingering problem.

Dictatorship will bring order and discipline in our country. At present our democratic system is not delivering what it should be. Everyone is after seat and no one is bothered about the development of the nation. A dictator with positive attitude might bring good change.

Cons – Why India does not need a dictator?

Examples from the history show the negative use of dictatorship. Adolf Hitler is a well known dictator but his dictatorship resulted in the death of some 40 million people. Dictatorial rule of the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong caused the death of 50-70 million people.

It is possible that dictator will think of himself rather than the development of a nation. History has proved that dictators generally spend public money on their ideologies rather than development. Hence dictatorship may not lead to the development.

Social unrest mostly accompany the dictatorial rule. The Communist dictatorship in China though brought significant economic development but it led to social unrest. More violent civil wars have been seen in the history under dictatorship because such government mostly ignores the problems of the people. No doubt that China is growing economically but experts believe that when there will be stagnancy in the development then people will start questioning the government.

Dictatorship is a forceful government that compels people to ignore problems rather than solving them. Many countries such as Yugoslavia, Somalia, Russia have seen violent civil war after the era of dictatorship. It can start an era of slavery again.

Opinion – I feel that India needs a strong democratic leader with full powers to take decision like a dictator. India needs the combination of a liberal reformer and a dictator. That leader should not come under any sort of pressure while taking decision and there should not be any discrimination while doing this. The ruling person must possess the skills and ability to take right decisions. He or she should be goal oriented. On the part of people it is very important that they leave all the cultural and religion differences. People should stop fighting over such issues.

Our democratic system has very good infrastructure but it really needs authoritarian functioning, efficient leaders and sensible public. India needs a visionary.