Five Best Indoor Plants to Add Greenery and Purify Your House

Freshen Up The Air With These House Plants

The trend of indoor plants is just catching up all over India. Not only is it a sustainable and long-term hobby, but plants can also help boost mental health productivity and creativity.
No matter what your décor theme, a pop of greenery is always welcome! Indoor plants make tiny spaces or apartments look more lively and cheerful. They bring relaxation and even have numerous health-related benefits.

For people with a shortage of space yet wanting to have their own little green area, here are the top 5 indoor plants to elevate your house.

  1. Aloe Vera – This multi-beneficial plant is the star of every household. Not only is it low maintenance and easy to look after, but aloe vera also gives back a LOT more in return. Aloe vera leaves can be used to treat burn wounds, acne scars, dull skin or cure inflammation. Using the thick inner gel of aloe vera in smoothies can detoxify your body and boost immunity and wellness. It also purifies air. Putting aloe vera on a kitchen window is highly recommended to fully utilise its health benefits. It only needs to be watered once or twice a week and can thrive with a little amount of sunlight as well.
  2. Areca palm – This is another easy-to-look-after plant with large beautiful foliage with tropical feels. Areca palm is a unique plant as it absorbs air pollutants inside the house. It is proven to absorb compounds such as acetone, formaldehyde or xylene. Areca palm is completely pet-friendly, non-toxic to cats and dogs. Its lush green colour is known to reduce stress and anxiety while adding the perfect beachy vibe to your interior design.
  3. Snake plant – These plants are known for providing good positive energy. They are again low maintenance, requiring very little time and can endure all weather and seasons.
    Snake plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. For apartment bedrooms, this is the perfect addition for a fresh breath of air and clean your house. This plant can live long even if it is not watered for a week or more. Wherever it is kept, it will surely provide clean air and grow beautifully.
  4. Money plant – It is also known as golden pothos or devil’s ivy. A popular myth around this plant is that it brings good luck and prosperity to the household. Even increasing the finances. Money plant is also grown inside aquariums as it helps remove nitrates harmful to the fishes. Money plant purifies the air as well as absorbs some of the radiation emitted by electronic devices.
  5. Lucky bamboo plant – Bamboo plants are known to be auspicious and bring happiness. Lucky bamboo can easily be grown in places where there is less or no direct sunlight, although being under direct light helps them grow faster. The beautiful bamboo stems will add a pretty detail to the interior. Water for the bamboo plant should be changed every 10 days, as well as yellowing stems, should be removed from time to time.

Having an indoor garden and tending, can be a rewarding and pleasurable activity for everyone, be it those stuck at home during the pandemic or just someone who wants more natural elements in their house. A living breathing little environment will definitely liven up space while also ridding the house of negative energies, imparting peace and positivity.