Live to serve

She is 91 years old but still working, not for her but for humanity. Her name is S Lakshmi who has been running an orphanage and old-age home ‘Udhavum Ullam’ for the past 14 years in Mudichur near Tambaram.  Lakshmi looks after near about 90 homeless children and 60 elders. Though she is not able to walk much and use wooden stick to walk but she tries to help people in whatsoever way she can. Since childhood she has been taught to serve and read. People who know her call her ‘amma’ meaning mother. Indeed she is.

Lakshmi was raised by her grandmother. She was just 35 years old when her husband passed away during the Sino-Indian war. She has two kids from her marriage who are also helping her in her task of serving the society. Lakshmi started an orphanage in 1999 with one child. Though running an orphanage was not an easy task and that too for a widow in India but her determination to serve others was extremely strong. She did it and now Amma makes sure that her every kid gets what he or she is capable. She is now arranging fee for her son ‘Sarath’ who has joined a medical college.

Our country has many people like amma but they do not get the required exposure and recognition. Media should definitely cover these to show the society that India has wonderful people who are preserving the prime tradition of country, i.e., ‘serve humanity’.

She can be an inspiration to those who want to help the society. Lakshmi’s determination shows that nothing is impossible. It is the people who make the society and such persons are true inspiration. One can understand it and feel it through their work.

Our society at present is full of violent acts and crime but such examples are also there which gives you peace of mind and satisfaction. Such people act as an inspiring force. We should promote this so that India can be known for good and not for bad. We should step out of our homes to play a greater role. Things cannot be changed overnight but we can change by giving them a try. We should act and react against the odds of the system and society. So let us live to serve.