Need of the day

On one fine day I was travelling in a Delhi bus. Just in front of the seats there was a poster and on this it was written very clearly “Do not litter. Keep the bus clean”. But the lady sitting on the seat in front of me was not at all bothered about that as she was busy eating her orange and littering its seeds and peels on the bus floor. Though she was looking fine, was wearing good clothes and must be working in an office but her careless attitude was describing her. Probably what people think while doing this is that they can mess the place or public transport the way they like as it is not their home. What we do depends upon our attitude and the way we think. So we must change our attitude towards our mother land to keep it clean.

Spitting and urinating almost anywhere is another annoying problem in India. The question is that why can’t they do all all that before going out of their homes? Why don’t they realize  that they are making the place filthy by their act? Though some initiatives have been taken, like people in Rajasthan have started shaming the offenders by blowing whistles and drumming, but there should be more than this that is required to be done. Like there should be more public toilets and they must be regularly cleaned. One comparison that is astonishing is that in India more than 50% of its population has mobile phones but not toilets at home. They even defecate in the open. On one side we are growing so much and on other hand we are not bothered if mere the basic facilities are there or not.

Everyone must have seen educated person going in the car with family, eating and enjoying themselves. Then suddenly something like a banana peel or an empty pack of wafers or biscuits comes out of the car window. Now who is going to teach these so called educated people that it is not their personal property that they can do anything. All of us have some duties towards our country and one of these is to keep it clean and make it a better place to live.
Whenever I see this, some words come out of my mind without thinking “Typical Indians”. Who are these typical Indians and am I not an Indian? No, I am an Indian but one who keeps her country clean. Since childhood we have been taught not to throw trash on roads or anywhere outside.  Its place is in the dustbin and so should go there. Even after eating in the car we were instructed not to throw anything outside but to keep it in a carry bag and throw it either in the dustbin on the way or after reaching home. For this I am really thankful to my father who was very strict regarding such things and infused these habits within us.

Such moral values should be taught to everyone in the family and above all there is no need of basic education to teach this. This means that even if a person is illiterate then also he can guide his kids to follow the basic rules of life. It is the need of the day and need of our India, so we must do it.