How to sit correctly to avoid back pain ?

Say No To Back Pain With Correct Posture At Office
Say No To Back Pain With Correct Posture At Office

How to sit Correctly at Office?

Employees sit in front of the computer screens at office for more than 5-6 hours at a stretch. This along with wrong seating posture and faulty chairs can cause or aggravate back, spinal or neck problems. You won’t even notice when this wrong posture of yours will become part of your nature and cause of you pain. But you have the ability to control and correct it. So try correcting your posture by following certain guidelines.

Tips for Correct Sitting Posture :

Maintaining right posture is of utmost importance to get rid of back or muscular pain.

Sitting posture
Do not sit in a ‘slouching posture’ (a hunchback posture, in which upper portion of the spine is curved) but maintain a 90-degree (neutral or straight) posture.

Back muscles and ligaments start paining acutely if you have the habit of sitting at the edge of your seat. Thereby, do not move or lean forward but change the position of your computer screen.

Wrist position
Make sure that your wrist while working is straight. If you are using laptop then try using external keyboard. With this, you can keep your wrist straight as well as you can keep your eye level to the laptop screen.

Use of props
This is what we usually do: while leaning forward we tuck in our feet under the chair or keep these over the chair paddles. This is again a wrong posture. In this position, your feet are without any support and blood circulation is restricted. For overall comfort, extend your legs. You may use a footrest for support.

To support your back use a small towel or pillow. This will minimize the strain.

Wear right eye wear and adjust the level of the screen to your natural eye position to avoid leaning forward or titling your head.

Take a short break
Muscles do get tired over a period of time. The best way to relax them is to take a break of 2-5 minutes after every two hours. This will give a required break to your still posture. So get up from your seat and have some tea, coffee or water. If you do not need anything, then just get up from your seat, stand or stretch a bit.