Important features of indian society

If more and more of agricultural land will be used for industrial and infrastructural development in India then from where we will get the food. Probably God has to change his creation which will then survive on industrial goods rather than food.

When will men come to know that woman is a human being not a commodity?

Roads are built and within a month something comes to the mind the government. Because of this something well built roads are hammered again. So a common man is left with similar shabby roads.

Why every work is done just before the elections but not as a regular and routine work?

Why do people fight for no reason?

When will people learn civic sense like not to spit or litter on the roads? Please note that roads are not dustbins.

In spite of sweeper, public toilets are always in pathetic condition and full of stinking smell. Most of the times it is just the urgency that forces you to use these. Most of the people follow unsanitary habits of using public place as loo.

When will an NRI say that India is the best place to live as now there are proper roads and infrastructure facilities, manners and work is also done at pace?

When will the life in the cities will be as calm as in small towns?

I have seen people cribbing for money, family, and life. All they do is – criticism. They will do every sort of complaint but not work. When will people stop cribbing and start working?

Close to my home there was a Peepal tree. Earlier few pictures of Hindu God and Goddess were placed under the tree. People used to come to light diyas. Now the place has small red colored temple of Lord Hanuman with one Pandit Ji. It is right in the middle of the road.

When will we have trash cans at every place and even on the streets to throw trash?

Why do people stare at you even if your are wearing long kurta with jeans?

Still there are many questions that need to be answered. Share your questions.

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