Will the Status of Women Ever Change?

Do you think our society can change? Do you think sick mentality can change? Do you think punishing one or two persons can bring a huge change in the mind set of the entire society? Again and again we are proving that answer to all such questions is simple ‘No’. Recently about 100 girls from Mount Carmel Schools in Digwadih and Jharudih who came to Patna were harassed by examinees of group-D services. The examinees were going for an examination for recruitment for group-D staff at Bokaro. First of all, the examinees did not allow the train to move on time as they had occupied all the coaches of the train and then they harassed the girls and their teachers in the train. No one came to rescue them neither GRP, RPF nor TTEs. They were abusing the students and their teachers, even pulling their hairs and passing some cheap remarks. In yet another incident in Assam, a 31 years-old female was brutally gang raped in an auto on Sunday. The incidents make one thing clear that girls in India are neither safe alone nor in a group. It looks like as if females are meant only for such purposes. Why is she treated as an object? God please recheck your creation.

But if male cannot change, change yourself.  Be strong and protest. Be a change maker. Girls should become stronger to face such harsh realities of life. Some traditional practices also favor men over women. All such traditions should be avoided.  She must be given equal opportunity to interact freely in the society and woman must not leave everything to the males. Women must realize that they are equal but not inferior to anyone to bring the change. Any kind of violence against women means violating the human rights so both men and women should be taught about the basic human rights. Potential of women is still untapped as she is not allowed to move freely. The spirit of empowerment must be infused. Women must participate in the decision making process at home. All in all let her live and survive above your ailing mentality.


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