Violence has cast a spell on us

The recent incident of gang rape at Delhi, points out to many things. Firstly keeping aside the fact that the crime committed was heinous, deplorable and should attract strong sentiments and that it specifically conveyed  our society has some elements who are barbaric in nature.  What has also comes to the fore is the fact that people are questioning the process we follow in the society where girls are overpowered in their homes not always by action but also by words. The fact that there was condescending attitude for women which prompted the rapists to behave in this manner when they not only gang raped the girl but brutally assaulted her. What made them so violent and why they hate women so much that they behave in this crude manner. There was so much of violence associated in the act.

People are questioning whether they should be given death penalty or whether they should be subjected to same torture and left to live a life of pain and anguish. What is more suitable? The social networking sites are abuzz with expressions of fear, disgust and even detailed description of how the accused should be punished. Question which arises in my mind is have we become violent as a society?

Do we have any other option? I don’t think we have any. People call the outrage on social networking sites as armchair protests. I feel in a way the voices of protest are united. They tell us something about the pulse of the society and yes it is throbbing violently at this precise moment. We have been left with nothing but violence all around and it has cast its spell on us. We are vocal in our own way when we succumb to injustice from time to time?

Are we rising from our stupor or shedding our softness? Are we gradually turning harsh as we have been forced to behave in this way? There was a time when Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged on August 14, 2004 as he had raped and killed juvenile Hetal, people were shocked that someone can be hanged in India. I had seen some people crying as well. Why, I never asked them? But today we are talking about castration in public of all the six accused and we celebrated when Kasab was hanged.

It is not our fault that we are violent or we have given up our kindness for some harsh steps. Our society has turned us into this. But is this the solution actually? We are right now not in the mood to find it out. There are emotions and all are strong ones, no place for subtle feelings. If men feel that it is an insult to them where some of them behave in this manner and they want to do away with such elements, the women feel it is time to rise up to the occasion and take all the actions necessary. Maybe this is the right way for such a situation. As it is said in a battlefield you cannot enjoy the greenery around or stop to breathe fresh air, similarly in situations like this there is no place for subtlety but you got to be blunt and pierce through the injustice. Did we make the society so or the society made us violent, the question still remains.


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