Which role are you playing for a happy life?

In the course of life, one has to play many roles and each of these roles come up with some responsibilities. When we are born we play either a role of a son or a daughter and we are dependent on our parents and guardians. But as we grow the list of our roles and responsibilities also grows with us. Soon after, we are a friend, a lover, husband or wife, father or mother. Besides this, it is the crucial role in office that cannot be ruled out.  One person has to play all these roles so obviously while performing and balancing everything mental pressure increases. We are no longer calm and keep getting angry and frustrated from time to time.

In such a situation, managing and giving quality time to each responsibility is a key to a happy life. One has to broaden the area and definition of being happy and successful. We have to contribute at all levels including emotional, spiritual and mental apart from financial. Keep your commitments. Men should share the responsibilities of women as well. Try keeping the commuting time from home to office to minimum so that you can give time to yourself as well as you family.

Husband and wife should spend time with each other and I feel the best time for this is dinner or post dinner. Communicate with each other, discuss every topic from the most important to the least important but do not indulge into any kind of argument as, it will spoil the whole environment. Sharing thoughts is a way to relax.

Try to keep the atmosphere at home as calm as possible. Do not shout at children even if they are checking your patience. Be calm, listen to them and try helping them to do their work.

Time management is the best way to stay happy. Everyone has just 24 hours and the way these hours are managed matters at the end. Make a plan and try completing work according to that plan. This is applicable even if you have less time to spend at home. Starting a day bit earlier is a key to happy life.

Quality of relationship you share with your children, husband or wife, father and mother, etc influences your thoughts and day. So maintain the quality. The ideology behind all is to live life as happily as possible.

Find happiness in small things of life. Celebrate occasions like birthday, marriage anniversary with fascination. This will also give a break from a routine life.

As per your capacity, occasionally give gifts to your kids. Seeing them happy will make you happy.

Cut down your restlessness by spending time with family rather than electronic gadgets.

Play all your roles with happiness as it is you who took the responsibility and it will be you who will have to fulfill it at the end of the day. Be grateful and say thank you. Enjoy nature.