Why A Child’s Development Depends On His Parent’s Conduct?

Art of Parenthood
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A child’s personality, attitude, behaviour, and thinking develop based on how they grow up and their surroundings. A child’s upbringing by their parents or caretakers speaks a lot about how they might become when they grow up. The developing years of a child, especially the first few years, are very crucial. Children adapt to what they see and what they hear very quickly. Parenting is essential for a child’s growth, simply parenting is never enough. Parenting should be loving and caring enough so that the child’s personality shapes as a good human being. If a child witnesses any adverse action or behaviour, they will learn it too. Also, if a child gets abused physically or mentally, or in both ways, their growth gets majorly hampered. 

What does it mean by Abusive parents?

Abusive parents refer to whether it’s the biological parents or caregivers of the child, who behave or speak in a certain way, which is harmful to the child. For example, physical abuse refers to beating them on minor issues or scaring them with any object. Mental or emotional abuse refers to scolding them over small things, threatening them, not supporting or loving them at all. 

How is a child affected by the abuse? What are the long-term effects?

Children who are victims of physical or emotional abuse may often have certain psychological disorders, which remain in them even during adulthood. The horrible experiences they go through or witness happening traumatizes them for an extended period. They struggle with their normal functioning, such as difficulty sleeping, being upset or depressed, having no interest in any activity, having nightmares, being unable to concentrate on studies, difficulty making friends or maintaining any relationship, and many other problems. However, some children may not be sad instead become aggressive and abusive, just like their parents thinking it is normal behaviour. A child’s behaviour and reaction, and how it affects the, in the long run, differs from person to person. A poor lifestyle of a child due to the abuse can lead to harmful disease as well. It is essential to take professional help if you know about any abusive parent or you-yourself require guidance in changing your behaviour.

A child can recover from the traumas they have been through because of the abuse. If any sign or symptom of any disorder, whether psychological or physical, is noticed, it must get reported to a medical expert or doctor. The earlier it is diagnosed and treated, the effect it would be. It is advisable to consult a psychologist or any other mental health professional besides consulting a medical doctor. Psychologists or mental health experts can help with the child’s emotional well-being and cognitive health.