Why a poor person cannot wear quality clothes? – Just a thought

Many a times I think that why there is a huge difference in the clothes of an upper middle class person and the one worn by a poor person. The concern does not include just the clothes but everything ranging from food, education to medicines etc. I totally agree that most of the poor people cannot afford even one time meal properly then how can they think of quality. But manufacturers, retailers or businessmen can possibly find out some ways to produce cheap products without compromising on quality so that everyone can enjoy everything irrespective of his or her economic status. I am not talking about branded goods but this can be experimented with the non branded products available in the market.

India produces different qualities for different strata of society. But quality of products for poor can be improved so that the lowest quality can start from a bit higher level.

Definition of quality differs from person to person and it changes with the change in the economic status. Also as compared to rural masses urban people are more quality conscious because their income level is more and they have variety. Hence quality is directly related to the income. Also it is generally perceived that higher the cost more the quality is. This makes quality directly proportional to price with which comes the concept of affordability.

Low income is one thing because of which people compromise on quality and the other one is family liability. Most of the people generally compromise on quality when they have to buy for the entire family. To improve the living standard superior quality products must come in an affordable price range.

Also can we say that we are less quality conscious and for us quantity matters more than quality? I feel that this cannot be regarded a generalized statement. As the number of middle class and their income in hand is increasing so does the awareness regarding quality and brand. It is not that people are not quality conscious. You must have seen people even poor visiting one shop to another for quality and choice. Everyone wants to buy the best out of what is available in his or her price range. So if the lowest quality products are just removed from the market then we will left with good quality products. It is just a thought.


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