Why do we feel sad for no reason?

Why do we feel so sad sometimes for no reason with anger just at the tip of our nose? You keep roaming in your own home with the feeling of sadness as you are unable to identify the real cause of it. You don’t want to talk to anyone. But anything that happens has a cause behind it. So a situation, or news, or your routine, or your life style can trigger sadness and makes you sad. Hence if you say there is no reason of your sadness then also there is a cause but you are not aware of that. To determine the real source of sadness ask few questions to yourself. Sit down and think what has happened before the feeling of sadness. It can be anything related to your present life, past or future. Not getting enough sound sleep at night can also generate the feeling of sadness. It has been found out that 80% of people who are depressed or sad have a problem of insomnia or lack of sleep. In this case take ample rest otherwise make efforts to come out of this problem as, long term sadness can result in depression.

Not only this but certain types of food can also cause sadness. We know that a balanced diet and food is always related to good health but there are certain foods which are linked to depression such as food with high caffeine can lead to insomnia which results in depression and sadness. Processed food and food that blocks the flow of serotonin to the brain such as nuts, horse meat, egg, nuts are somewhat related to sadness. Try avoiding such food items when you are really sad.

Then, stop thinking about a situation that you cannot control. Yesterday I met with a doctor who said that we think a lot and think over all the issues that otherwise are very simple. Our thinking has made our life very complicated. To simplify it, remain in your domain and think about the things for which you are responsible not everything. This will give you happiness.

Emotional discussions at bedtime trigger sudden sadness. So don’t fight and sleep. Spend quality time with your partner and your family before going to bed. You will get up with a fresh mood in the morning.

Socialize and meet people once in a while.

It is better to indulge in some creative and productive work to overcome sadness. Do something that really makes you happy.

Break your routine. Some people get sick of daily routine and after sometime the routine overpowers them and brings in the feeling of sadness. So come out of the routine.

Make a move in your energy by helping someone in pain. You will feel better.

Exercise and physical work bring the positive flow of energy, which assists in breaking the sadness. So exercise daily and take light snacks. Though it is very hard to convince yourself to do exercise when you are sad, but this is the best remedy to defeat sadness. Serotonin level increases with exercise, which works as antidepressant. While doing exercise endorphin is also released, which is a natural painkiller. You will also get exhausted by doing exercise which will lead to sound sleep at night.

So next time when you are sad, you know what to do. Follow your heart and keep smiling.