Tired of all the news related to rape

Last night five incidents of rape in Delhi and NCR region have been reported. Reading this takes you to the world of sadness and frustration. What kind of society is this where women are treated as objects. Enough is enough. But what can our  feelings do when all the demonstrations at India Gate and all across India had failed last year and were not enough to stir the government? No justice and because of this criminals are roaming free. This is encouraging other criminals to commit crimes. Not only this, but police are not protectors any more  Last week there was an incident in which Punjab Police had brutally beaten up a girl and her two relatives when she went to file a complaint. Police refused to help and started beating her. Now whom to trust when law makers are law breakers. On the other hand there is an example of law, though from other nation. Seven people were beheaded in Saudi Arabia for the crime that they had committed when they were under the age of 18 years. In year 2009 they were sentenced to death for their fault of armed robbery. But in our country criminals are playing with the respect of women and then also roaming free. We keep waiting for justice.

This is the time for  the Indian government to wake up and take strict action so that even before thinking of doing such a crime, one has the fear of its consequences. They should set a real example of strictness and fear otherwise time is not far when we have a jungle rule in India where anyone can do anything.

Politics today have become a game to attain personal gains. No one is interested in the betterment of the society. We elect our leaders and keep waiting for them to take action against all the odds. We allow corrupt leaders to rule our country.

All law and order arrangements have got miserably failed in Delhi. Discussions are going on to make Delhi a safer place for women but nothing concrete has come out of these discussions and no steps have been taken so far. So there is no doubt that Delhi is becoming a rape capital where women are not safe.

As there is no strictness so the morale of criminals is so high in the city. Just saying that such incidents are very shameful is not enough. Only one who bears the torture knows the actual pain of going through that.

Last year 635 rape cases have been reported in the capital which is the highest in the last six years. And this year, hopefully, we will cross the last year’s figures. Bravo! What an achievement! Relatives, friends, unknown persons are all involved in such offences.

The Government should stop apologizing for its failure but give some harsh punishment to the criminals.The  common man is not bothered whether Police is under Delhi government or not but what matters the most is the safety. If our leaders are not capable of providing this then they should take the guidance from all the across the world or from the countries which are rated as the safest places to live or women friendly countries on the Earth. Reforms that they are taking to bring law and order should be enforced with same sternness in India. Strict enforcement of law without the loopholes of bribe is the solution. Leaders should be honest and there should be a rule of law not of power.

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