Mother’s love for her son

Whenever my mother comes to meet me and she always asks me not to remain in the kitchen for a long time just to prepare food for her. It is not that she does not like my cooking, but she does not want to bother me for all this. She even gets my food prepared from Ludhiana. Though I am a mother myself, but for her I am still a child who needs pampering, extra care and love. I admit that I need her love and care for my entire life and won’t be able to survive without that.

I think this or something like this happens with every girl. There is nothing in this world that can be compared to mother’s love. That feeling, bond, and love is totally different and out of world. Someone has righty said that ‘As God cannot be everywhere so he has made a mother’. A mother to me is an entire world of happiness. Her persona is so calm that I naturally feel calmer when I see her. I respect her, thank her, and love her the most.

But many young people of today’s generation have somewhere lost this bond and so they leave their home and parents. Leaving for a good cause like job etc is not bad, but when that bond of love is broken then it hurts your parents, especially your mother. It even gives more pain when you are not there when they need your support. Some kids also judge their parents and compare them with others. They just leave them to their fate.

Close to my home there was a very old lady (she is no more) who was unable to walk. I had seen her many a times using her hands to cross the street. She used to have a steel glass or some cloth tied on her hands to make use her hands as legs. To my surprise her so called bread earner sons were the reason of her such a miserable life. They had abandoned her when she needed them the most. They started treating her as a burden and a person who was a great obstacle in their way to live a happy life. It is just one personal experience but there are many such incidents where children pay no attention to their parents when they grow old.

Because of such a change in the society, the number of old age home is increasing. Parents are forced to live  a life that they do not deserve. But today’s generation has to wake up, as nothing in life is permanent and same is applicable to you, as well as your mother or parents. Take care of her like she has taken care of you when you were a kid. Consider her you responsibility not burden. She is the same person who can have sleepless nights to give you a sound sleep. Though you can never pay her back but care for her, as it is only because of her that you are here in this world to enjoy life.