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1 Year & 100 Days of Modi Sarkar (Government) – Details of First 100 Days of Government

February 24, 2016
Two Years Of Modi Government

As Modi government nears completion of two years in office, the analysts are out to identify the hits and misses and give their verdict. The pulse of the nation gives an indication that people are both optimistic and anxious about the future. Here’s a timeline of major issues and developments in the domain of governance that gave both bouquets and brickbats to the NDA government. Weekly Roundup 11 – 17 April 2016 Union Cabinet approved [...]

One Year of Modi Government: A Look Back

It has almost been a year since Narendra Modi assumed the post of India’s Prime Minister. During the year, his administration has taken plenty of steps – some of which have been lauded for their potential to create a positive impact from the perspective of the country while some have not been so popular. While criticising Modi, it needs to be taken into consideration that it is not entirely possible to bring about a drastic [...]

Day 100 of Modi Sarkar

One of the major complaints with India over the years has been its red tape or rather the infamous tendency of bureaucrats and officials to keep a particular process in the loop till it loses relevance. Countries such as the US have also expressed their reservations about it. India has now signed a historical pact with Japan and Modi has promised the Japanese that India will make sure that it does not have to face [...]

Modi Sarkar's Work - Day 99

Of late, India has been making some great strides in its relations with Japan. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is presently on a visit that is expected to last a couple of days more. The countries have tended to be allies ever since the Second World War and now efforts are afoot to revive the age-old ties, especially on the part of the Indian Government. On the first day of September, 2014 both the [...]

Modi Government's Work - Day 98

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, is one of the leaders who happen to enjoy a special rapport with Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. Modi is presently in Japan in order to talk on various issues that are of importance to both the countries. Before landing in Tokyo he visited a couple of old Buddhist temples and was accompanied on these visits by the Japanese PM on these visits. India trying to complete nuclear [...]

Track Modi Sarkar Work - day 97

  Indian economy starts looking up, says FM The Indian economy is looking up, the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, told a press conference in the capital. The latest data reveals that the country’s economy has registered a 5.7% growth in the first quarter (April to June). This has been the fastest rate of growth in over two years. The FM assured, “With the long-term impact of all the initiatives we have taken, I am sure, [...]

Day 96 of Modi Sarkar

Israel has been one of the leading names in the world when it comes to terrorism and is known to take whatever measures necessary to get the job done. India in recent times has also been a target of militant terrorism starting from the sordid events of 26/11, Pune German Bakery blast thereafter and so on. So one feels it could well use the expertise of a country like Israel. This is what happened on [...]

Day 95 of Modi Sarkar

Ever since Narendra Modi visited Nepal for his second bilateral foreign tour as the Prime Minister of India, there has been a renewed hope among India’s Himalayan neighbours that after years of general neglect and disregard at the hands of the UPA regime it will receive some much-needed assistance so that it get back on its feet. This optimism stemmed from the fact that the Indian government led by Narendra Modi has professed its complete [...]

Day 94 of Modi Sarkar

The 100th day of Narendra Modi’s reign as the Prime Minister of India is yet to come but the Indian business fraternity has begun believing that it may only be a matter of time before the economy gets back on its feet yet again. A majority of the corporate head honchos are gearing up for the supposed revival by getting ready to make new investments as well as recruit more people. However, what they want [...]

Day 93 of Modi Sarkar

Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Petroleum Minister, had announced through his Twitter account @dpradhanbjp on August 13 that the oil prices would be reduced with effect from 12 pm on August 14 and would be coming down by around INR 1.89 to 2.38 per litre. This was a novel approach adopted by a Union minister since never before had a price reduction in oil been announced on a social media platform. What added to the occasion [...]