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1 Year & 100 Days of Modi Sarkar (Government) – Details of First 100 Days of Government

Modi's 100 days of diplomacy

In diplomacy, symbols and gestures matter a lot. This was quite apparent when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a business meet in Tokyo said, “Everywhere around us, we see an 18th century like expansionist mind-set: encroaching on another country, intruding in other’s waters, invading other countries and capturing territory.” This was a swipe intended against China for pursuing an aggressive strategic agenda in the South Asia and the Southeast Asian region. And with this, [...]

Review of 100 Days of Modi Sarkar

On May 16 this year, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made history by securing more than 272 of the 543 parliamentary seats at the 16th Lok Sabha elections. The Indian National Congress that has dominated Indian politics for over 60 years was delivered a crushing defeat. But what was most significant was that the Indian electorate had voted for Narendra Modi’s BJP and not BJP’s Narendra Modi. Modi or NaMo, as he is called by both his [...]

Day 69 of Modi Sarkar

Narendra Modi exudes positivity ahead of historic Nepal visit Ahead of his two-day visit to Nepal, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a number of updates on the social networking site Twitter stressing the importance his government attaches to maintaining excellent bilateral relations with Nepal. PM Modi will lead a 101-member delegation which includes seven ministers and Ajit Doval, the National Security Adviser. The upcoming visit has been hailed as a landmark in the bilateral relations [...]

Day 68 of Modi Sarkar

It may have done away with subsidies on important commodities such as petrol but the Indian government is sure looking to make up for it on the international platform by attempting to hold its ground on the issue of food subsidy and thus blocking a WTO deal that is being said to be a landmark one as far as global trade is concerned. In fact the major reasons for this stance of India is the [...]

Day 67 of Modi Sarkar

Indian government has lodged a strong protest with the US regarding the latest snooping controversy and made it absolutely clear that such acts are not to be expected from a country that is looking to establish friendly relations. The US, meanwhile, made an effort to assuage India’s worries and professed its commitment to be a partner with India in its aim to guarantee all round development. John Kerry, who is presently visiting India, has stated [...]

Modi Government's Work Day - 66

The situation in Middle East has not exactly been smooth in the last couple of months with the ISIS issue in Iraq, followed by Israel’s bombing of Gaza. Now Libya has added its name to this list with continuous strife tearing the African country apart. The Indian government led by Sushma Swaraj, the union external affairs minister, has organized a high level meeting where it has been decided an officer belonging to the rank of [...]

Modi Government Work - Day 65

One of the major themes of Modi’s administration has been the modernization of the country. As an integral part of this vision, in the 2014-15 budget, Arun Jaitley has allotted an amount to the tune of INR 7,040 crore for developing several smart cities across the country. The urban development ministry has recently started the process for the construction of the same. Venkaiah Naidu, the urban development minister, has already had a meeting regarding the [...]

Track Modi Sarkar Work - Day 64

John Kerry focuses on improving ties with India In the last couple of days there had been a lot of talk about how the relations between the US and India were going to take a turn for the worse considering the way India had objected to the passage of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It was in such a climate that both the countries were going to take part [...]

Modi Government Work - Day 63

Nepal set to ink energy deal with India  With Narendra Modi’s rise to power as the prime minister of India a number of countries are looking to strengthen their relationship with India for some reason and why should Nepal, one of India’s immediate neighbours, be any different? A parliamentary panel in the Himalayan nation has urged the government to sign an energy pact with India in the shortest time possible. The power trade agreement is [...]

Day 62 of Modi Government

Narendra Modi launches portal MyGov for the citizens Prime Narendra Modi launched a portal called MyGov that aims to encourage democratic governance. The website intends to provide citizens a forum to express their views and opinions on all important issues that require action by the government. The website is a great opportunity for the common man to suggest effective solutions for good governance or “surajya”. On the occasion of the inauguration the Prime Minister said, [...]