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Howitzer M-777s Artillery Guns

On 18 May India got its first artillery gun after Bofors, made by a Swedish company, making it a time gap of three decades. Bofors scandal had come to public notice during 1980s and it had a major impact on the process of modernizing Indian army at that time. India has received a couple of M777s from the US. These are a part of a contract with the global weapons heavyweight. The deal itself is [...]

2016 Terror Attacks on Indian Army Camps

On November 29, 2016, the families including wives and children of the armed forces were jolted out of their slumber to the sound of gunfire and grenades launched, as a group of terrorists attacked the army camp in Nagrota near Jammu. Two officers and five soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred in the terrorist attack on an Artillery Regiment. Two ladies and two children along with 12 soldiers were trapped in the Officer’s Mess of [...]

Indian Army Launches Counter Assault

In what can be regarded as a dramatic increase in the enmity between the neighbours, Pakistani commandos killed two Indian soldiers and beheaded another one at Machil in the Jammu and Kashmir border shared by both the countries on November 22, 2016. Incidentally, as has become the norm in these incidents, the Pakistani soldiers had entered the Indian side of the border also known as the Line of Control (LoC). The Indian Army has vowed [...]

How can civilians in India help the Indian Army?

Did you always dream of joining the armed forces but somehow missed the bus? Are you a physically fit young person who dreams of supporting the Indian Army? If our country does go to war, would you enlist? Consider joining the Indian Territorial Army, if your answer to both the questions is a resounding “Yes”. Wait a minute! But, what exactly is Territorial Army? How is it different from the Indian Army as we know [...]

India Surgical Strike Across Line of Control

The country has been seething in rage since the Uri attack. In the early hours of 18 September 2016, 4 heavily armed fidayeen terrorists from the Pakistan occupied parts of Kashmir launched a deadly attack on the Army brigade located in Uri (Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir) leaving 18 Indian soldiers dead and others critically injured. Surgical Strikes Across the LoC Last night, the Indian Army carried out retaliatory surgical strikes across the Line [...]

Indian Army Ranks and Recruitment Process

The one organization that stays in the forefront when it comes to serving the nation, both in wartime and in peace, is the Indian Army. The Indian Army, with its impressive performance, is the third largest standing army in the world with over 1,325,000 active troops and 2,143,000 reserve troops. Each year over a lakh candidates apply for GD (General Duty) and thousands for entry into commissioned ranks. Indian Army Ranks Commissioned Officers of the [...]

Indian Armed Forces Rescue Operations

The Indian Armed Forces, the third largest force in the world, is a source of pride for all Indians. Time and again, the Indian soldiers have proven that their bravery is indeed nonpareil. They are known not only for their valour, but also for their sensitivity to people around them, and the helping hand they extend during a time of humanitarian crisis. Be it floods, tsunami, earthquake or any other natural disaster, within India or [...]

Interesting Facts about the Indian Army

One of the largest components of the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Army has played a pivotal role in guarding the borders of the country. The force has, at times, also been called upon to offer its services in quelling secessionist movements and restoring order. So, as India celebrates its 68th Army Day, let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about the Indian Army and its valiant soldiers. Read: Indian Army Ranks [...]

On 6th August 2013, around 20 Pakistani terrorists intruded the Indian territory and killed 5 Indian soldiers. Since the starting of this year similar scenarios are prevalent with both, China and Pakistan. Are our Defence weapons just to be displayed on 26th January; I guess they can do much better than that. If I am not wrong then every soldier from the battalion of those who have been brutally killed must be thinking of taking [...]