Useful Apps that help you in crisis

Useful Apps that help you during an emergency

Useful Apps that help you during an emergency

Practo is one of the leading apps of India that can help you during a crisis. In India, lots of people struggle on a daily basis with healthcare issues. Practo wishes to change that. The entire process starts with providing assistance to the users in terms of finding the best doctors for their medical condition. This all leads to one intelligent healthcare account that can be used by the entire family – one where all their medical data can be stored for future reference. It is also expected that this will help them make better decisions regarding their health in the future.

Vith U

Once you install Vith U on your phone all you need to do is click the active button a couple of times. Once you have done this the app will start sending alert messages to the most important ones among the contacts that have been registered with the app. They also get to know your location as a result. They also receive messages after every couple of minutes. This app also enables you to get the latest information on the crime scene of India. You can also get safety tips to be followed in emergency situations through the Tips Feed option.


It is a personal safety app and is highly recommended by the Indian Police. The Association of Chief Police Officers has also endorsed it for its exceptional capability in stopping crime. It can also be regarded as a commendable platform for personal security. When the app gets activated the server starts tracking the user. This is done even when a message has not been sent to the main registered contacts. The server also tries to use the nearest CCTV footage as a way to collect proof of the user’s present state of being. This app also sends message alerts and emergency calls as well as panic alerts through email, Twitter, and Facebook. This app also secretly activates video recording.


This app can be used by anyone in any emergency. This includes children as well. This app can be used for sending distress signals. To the groups and prime contacts one can send emergency and distress SOS signals as well. After being installed, the users can just shake their device in order to send the emergency messages. This can be done even when the phone has been locked. Once it starts working the app will start to send alerts on their location to the major contacts.

They will get correct information about their geographical location and even as the user changes his or her location they will receive updates about the same. The location change will be shown for every 300 metres and this sequence will go on for two hours. You can also assign shortcut keys that will represent the Hotkey and will be there on the phone’s home screen. When it is clicked at the time of emergencies, it sends automatic and customized distress text messages along with the location of the user.

One can also select the mode of sending alerts using Facebook along with the GPS location. One can also preset messages where ‘screams’ or emergency alerts that can be customized, can be sent to groups or prime contacts. When the app is being configured the user needs to provide personal information along with emergency contact numbers and his or her blood group.


This can be called the silent worker or background worker among mobile apps that deal with security situations. It has been created in order to assist people, especially in the time of accidents or other forms of distress and danger. This app can only be activated on an Android phone and upon activation people can add three contact numbers as the main ones who may be contacted whenever there is an emergency. One can shake the device thrice in a space of five seconds and it will create calls for the prime contacts.

The app normally calls the first most important person of contact in such a situation. If he or she does not respond then a message is generated along with the geo-location. Immediately, the second most important person is called. This app sends messages of the user’s location and there is a change after every 10 metres. This app can also send SOS alerts to the prime contacts.


This security app can be used only on Android and Windows 8 phones. With this app one can get assistance from relatives and friends. It also provides the users four e-weapons that can be activated at just the click of a button. After installing the app, whenever the user clicks on the help button the 10 main contacts get messages, which are inclusive of customized messages, map of the precise location, and location details.

There is also the provision to update the Facebook with a status that can be sent as a customized message to the main contacts. They can receive calls as well. The app can also help the phone create a loud alarm that will draw the attention of anyone who is passing by. One can customize the app anyway he or she wants.


This app has multiple functions. It can send emergency calls and SOS message alerts to the main registered contacts. The contacts can also keep a track of your movements with the app and make sure that you have got to your destination without any problem whatsoever. Whenever the emergency button is clicked the registered contacts will get email alerts and messages. People who use the app need to register at, which is the official website of the app.

Following registration the users are provided passwords and IDs. They also need to ensure that their GPS applications are on when the app is being installed. As soon as you download the app it will start to send GPS coordinates on an automatic basis to the server. There are some other important names in this regard that can come in very handy in situations of emergency such as Sentinel, SafeBridge, OneTouch SOS, Guardly, and Fightback.


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