Microsoft’s New Spartan Browser – What Will Happen to Internet Explorer?

Microsoft's new Spartan browser

Microsoft's new Spartan browserAlong with the new Windows 10 operating system, which has several latest consumer features, Microsoft is also going to officially introduce a new web browser code named as Spartan in the company’s hometown Redmond, Washington, on January 21. However, the general release of Windows 10 is not expected so soon.

There is no official confirmation yet, whether the newly code named web browser will be fully operational or not when the new Operating System, Windows 10, will be released. But it is for sure that the new browser will use Windows 10.

Spartan will not replace Internet Explorer, claims Microsoft 

It has been stated by the company that the new web browser Spartan is not going to replace the Internet Explorer, the king of web browsers which once ruled the web world. According to reports, the new Microsoft web browser will act as an alternative which will be more user-friendly and lightweight. But there are speculations that later Microsoft will withdraw support to Internet Explorer.

The newly-developed browser will be available for both PC and mobile devices (phones / tablets) and will use Microsoft’s Java Script engine and Microsoft’s Trident rendering engine.

Spartan will be more similar to Chrome and Firefox which will support extensions that are actually apps and one can add to the browser, say reports but it is not Internet Explorer 12 which was actually speculated earlier.

Windows 10 can switch between input types

Microsoft assured its users that the new Windows 10 which was announced in October, will come up with new generation of Windows that will run across all different sets of devices.

While describing the new Windows 10, Microsoft says,”Ok …from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise data centres worldwide, devices having four inch screens – some have 80 inch screens – and on devices which don’t have screens at all, devices you hold in your hand, and others are ten feet away, devices you primarily use touch/pen, others mouse/keyboard, others controller/gesture – and also the devices can switch between input types.”

Once the new web browser takes off, the users will get the chance to make out the difference between the two browsers – Internet Explorer and Spartan – if both the browsers exist side by side. They can come to a conclusion about which one is better.

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