SMAC, the New Wave, Composite Technology



SMAC, a new wave in IT, is a combination of four different systems of Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, integrated with each other. It has actually brought about a revolution in the world of computing, the way users can gather information, and can work on them. SMAC represents a huge business opportunity globally which is seen as the growth engine in the corporate world. It is an emerging technology to develop products, customer interaction to compete, succeed and partner with others.

This new trend gives us a signal about how the business ecosystem is getting more digitized. SMAC not only complements other technologies but it has also an inherent unique quality too. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others have not only enabled their users to reach out to a large number of people easily but it has also virtually made the geographic boundaries meaningless.

The implementation of virtual platforms has enabled their users to connect, exchange views, discuss, collaborate with each other, etc. Top brands across the world are using social media which they find as the most dependable medium to build relationships with their customers. It has been considered as the most meaningful way for interacting with the customers and businesses can get realtime feedbacks from them.

Mobile makes operations easy

Mobile technologies have helped people to view and access any information and can act on them at their own convenience. The handson entrepreneurs not only can take decisions on any business matter but they can easily have a complete view of their business operations even when they are on the move. Today’s life is totally incomplete without a mobile phone or a tablet. Whether to reach your family and friends instantly or to book a table in a restaurant or a ticket in a movie hall our lives have become totally dependent on the mobile technologies.

Analytics is a great tool for business 

Analytics have become a strategic force and great tools for business which has become an ally for big data and it has been estimated that 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is generated every day. Actually what we click on the website, what we actually buy, or the detailed information about the users of any application – every information or data are collected from several sources like different networks, PCs, mobile devices and many other deeper and potential sources. There are various sources from which the analytics are available which has enabled the business houses to develop themselves by focusing on the key required area and through this process they improve their quality which drives customer sales and satisfaction level.

Cloud effects changes in business processes 

Cloud ecosystem has completely transformed a business process which started with the web mail. It is basically the delivery of computing services over the internet which are managed by third parties at a remote location. It enables the users whether it is individual or business to access software and hardware over the internet. It is in high demand as it can reduce cost. Cheap server space and ubiquitous access of broadband not only allow its users to transfer as well as store their files to several locations and devices but also enables the software delivery as a service.

Nowadays users do not have to install expensive hard drives to edit and share documents, data and presentations but instead they can access online software for the tasks. Cloud computing has enabled the business organizations to manage their enterprise wide needs by availing the services like data storage and sharing, software suites and tools and also web-based applications.

There are three basic forces which are driving this wave of technology (SMAC) in the different sectors in India:

  1. Young Middle Class in India – It has been predicted that by 2020 the average age in India will be 29 years. So this emergence of young middle class in India will have a great opportunity for this integrated technology of SMAC.
  2. Immense penetration of technology in both urban and rural India – India is the second largest country in the world in respect of the number of its mobile phone subscribers using internet through data connections on their mobile phones.
  3. Increase of social network users in India – It has been again predicted that by 2020 around 550 million people will use different social networks and presently an Indian user spends averagely 29 minutes on social media platforms out of which 77% users access these networks on mobiles.

There are a few recent activities initiated in the industry which have highlighted the above trend:

  1. There is a garment brand which has built its interaction with both the designers and the customers on social media platform, auctions its products and by doing so, it has not only established its relationship with the customers as well as the designers but also reduce its advertisement costs.
  2. A Delhi-based restaurant which has promoted the customers to reserve their tables on a social media platform, has got a new set of customers by using this technology.
  3. To help its technicians, an automotive company has developed an application which enables the technicians to access online catalogues, repair manuals and etc. through wireless internet connections.
  4. By using analytics a jewellery manufacturer and retailer analyses and explores business data which includes supply chain and profitability metrics. It has improved their decision making process which has resulted in the advancement of their business in various ways.
  5. The consignment delivery executives can update their delivery status of consignments by using a mobile application which has been provided by the courier company and by this their regular activities have totally been streamlined.

Though the business ecosystems are moving towards this digital ubiquity, this technology has got its own limitations too. Today’s business ecosystems around the world along with Government bodies have high reliance on cloud but it is not fail-safe. Though this technology has become immensely popular and useful but even a slightest connectivity problem or data access can make the whole system crippled. As SMAC is today’s buzzword the business ecosystem is moving with a great pace towards this new wave of technology. It has been predicted that with this innovative technology which is an integration of four systems, businesses in India will attain a level of total ease, speed and accessibility.


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